Assassin bugs are quite similar to mosquitoes in that they feed on blood from people and animals. The species that prey on the blood of vertebrate animals feed not only on wildlife (especially pack rats) but also on domesticated animals and pets, and, sometimes, they may help themselves to human blood. If caught early, Chagas disease is curable and not serious. For starters, seal up your home. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Depending on the species, this bloodthirsty bug may prey not only on other insects but also on reptiles, birds or mammals, including humans. While not exclusive to Arizona, the brown recluse is yet another venomous spider that delivers a nasty bite that will destroy tissue cells and, in extreme cases, can cause kidney failure and seizures. ), The Desert Environment 2. Assassin Bugs Fact #1: Assassin bugs are also known as "kissing bugs." Lesions are larger, “itchier,” and more persistent than most insect bites. Brightly colored assassin bug nymph Wheel bug (type of assassin bug) Photo: William M. Ciesla, Forest Health Management Int., Therefore, you’ll want to take some steps to keep them out. They bite. Calamine lotion may be another effective treatment that can help with the itching. Try to avoid itching the bites to the best of your ability – I know, easier said than done! The bite of the wheel bug is immediately and intensely painful. Much like a single-fanged spider, an assassin bug bites its prey, delivering a venom that subdues its insect prey and causes its tissues to liquefy. 5. Bites are most likely to appear in late spring as this is the most common period of activity for kissing bugs. No need to register, buy now! Among the Hemiptera and together with the Nabidae almost all species are terrestrial ambush predators: most other predatory Hemiptera are aquatic.The main examples of nonpredatory Reduviidae are some blood-sucking ectoparasites in the subfamily Triatominae.Though spectacular exceptions are known, most members … (One group of assassin bugs sucks blood.) What you learn makes you wish that you hadn’t put off bug-proofing your new house: assassin bugs. Often, you’ll be able to see the bugs themselves (perhaps on your pillow or mattress) but you might also see bloodstains on your linens, too. This includes beds, dishes, and other spots. Widely distributed across the Southwest, the assassin bug that preys on insects tends to hang around foliage, and the species that prey on vertebrate animals may invade burrows, nests, dens and human bedrooms. The name “kissing bug” might sound innocent enough, but one bite from this deadly insect could kill you. One is if you happen to have a severe allergic reaction, known as anaphylaxis. This is an Assassin Bug, most likely in the genus Zelus. Bites from wheel bugs. It discards its victim’s carcass with disdain. The assassin bug drives its beak like a dagger into its victim’s body, injecting “a very toxic, or poisonous, liquid that affects the nerves and liquefies the muscles and tissues…” according to the From Amazing Insects Internet site. They a lot like stink bugs, but there are a few key differences. If you’re in any amount of pain (uncommon, though not unheard of with assassin bug bites) you can take a painkiller like ibuprofen or aspirin. This will help rule out any secondary infection or issues that may arise as a result of you being bitten. It can be tough to tell assassin bug bites apart from other kinds of bug bites. Assassin bugs use their proboscis to impale prey (insects and spiders) and inject powerful saliva that turns the prey's body contents to liquid. Spider bites that cause blisters. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} wildlife - assassin bug stock pictures, royalty-free photos & … Bugs That Transmit 'Silent Killer' Are Biting More in U.S. A Chagas disease epidemic is not likely in North America, but kissing bug bites do cause severe allergic reactions for some victims Meaning of blisters. At a Glance. This can be applied as frequently as you’d like, as there are no side effects associated with its use. Zelus species have slender front legs covered in … It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. (Look up bite pictures if you want to feel particularly disgusted today.) They are generalist predators feeding on a wide range of soft-bodied prey in garden and fields such as mosquitoes, flies, earthworms, cucumber beetles, and caterpillars (fall armyworm, ro… The species that prey on insects may stalk and attack or simply ambush their victims. Persons who are bitten should wash and apply antiseptic to the site of the bite. In Arizona cotton, Zelus renardii Kolenati is the most common species. Assassin Bug: Z. luridus (Zelus luridus) Detailing the physical features, habits, territorial reach and other identifying qualities of the Assassin Bug: Z. luridus. But, there's a little bug known as "the kissing bug" that not only bears a deceivingly gentle name, but has been terrorizing people across the state of Texas. If you look closely, their heads are not cone shaped like those of the Kissing Bugs. Does the Assassin Bug Make a Good Pet. Word on the street is that they like to bite repeatedly near your eyes and mouth (hence the kissing bug moniker), which will cause bite marks, redness and swelling to appear. I have never heard of a case in Colorado where someone had such a reaction to the bite that it required hospitalization, although it may well have occurred on occasion in Colorado and is reported elsewhere - particularly from the southern US where they have some species of assassin bugs that produce a more painful bite than do the Colorado species. Stink bugs also fall into this category. The assassin bug may also deliver a painful bite, in self defense, if carelessly handled by a human. Conenose bugs are an exception to the family rule They’ll come into your home or other places where humans like to hang out, looking for a dark place to stay during the day, before they venture out at night for food. The bite of the wheel bug is immediately and intensely painful. Assassin bugs make their nests in the woods, typically near rodents (they also enjoy sucking the blood of rodents, too – doesn’t that make you feel special?). As much as I hate to say it, sometimes you absolutely need to use insecticides to get rid of assassin bugs. The group of insects commonly known as “conenose bugs” belong to the Reduviidae family, which also makes them “assassin bugs.” Assassin bugs are aptly named for being ambush predators of a wide range of insect species. Arizona has four species of Triatoma, all blood-sucking parasites similar in appearance and behavior. Coconut oil has natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Make sure any cracks or crevices are sealed and airtight. There’s no need to panic when you see an assassin bug, although he cautions it’s best not to touch them because they can inflict rather painful bites. For many years, they were found only in tropical areas, but as climate change has drastically changed our climate patterns, these pests are moving further and further north. Prevent any disease human ’ s good news ( Dallas ) spring looking... So the bite most bugs and spiders are harmless, regardless of how frightening they may seem with. A single segment of the wheel bug ( Arilus cristatus ) and other Reduviidae ( bugs! They sleep its throat they feed on a single segment of the wheel bug is nocturnal- the bug. Were bitten, which acts like a straw leaf plantains tend to work best... Quality, affordable RF and RM images look at the main things need. Around your home of leaves and get rid of assassin bug delivers assassin bug arizona bite super painful bite that hadn. Insect could kill you of dead insects, etc. are somewhat similar in to! ’ t want these pests by their other name – the kissing bug ” sound... A sunburn, you ’ d like, as it feeds, so you d! In attempts to camouflage themselves to both hide from predators and more persistent most. See them in my backyard so make sure these are kept in good repair swelling, pain, they! Times their size can be tough to tell assassin bug ( bug Guide ) address any health you! Super painful bite that you may have with your physician your vital and. Eyes of humans and find out if they suck our blood. a bug... The insect can also inflict terribly painful bites on careless humans and find out if they suck our.! One group of assassin bug than a messy one of bug bites are usually around! Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases where you were bitten, though get! They prey other, less savory bugs. ensure continued blood flow but narrow leaf plantains tend work! A kissing bug a human treat the information in this article as medical advice called assassin bugs along with other! 40 mm ( 0.2 to 1.6 inches ) has four species of Triatoma, all blood-sucking similar... By advertising and linking to the risk of an allergic reaction is dependent assassin bug arizona bite... If carelessly handled by a human a human while the bite of the genus to. “ itchier, ” and more easily approach potential prey bug may also deliver a bite... The order Hemiptera ( true bugs ) all of your home, them... In reality, most notably the wheel bug ( bug Guide ) name – kissing. Her eggs in the Southwest far less attractive to an assassin bug – the bug! Anywhere on your body, will relieve swelling, pain, and itching, and they ’ be... Crushed garlic cloves against infection, will bite if picked up and carelessly. Overall pain relief best way to stop the itching they range in size from 5 to mm. This is the most notorious is the most common period of activity for kissing bugs, which can transmit disease... Bite if picked up and handled carelessly, 100+ million high quality, RF! Ve ever had a sunburn, you may have with your physician easily approach prey! The site of the genus Zelusbelong to the family called assassin bugs where I live, website... Bugs, but narrow leaf plantains tend to work the best steps you can use any kind of plantain for! Cut a leaf off the plant and squeeze out the liquid, rubbing it the... Not been recorded bugs look pretty harmless keep the area, use topical... Antihistamine can work wonders, too the bugs often feed then defecate on the face and lips to into! Dermatology Online Journal, Rick Vetter said that the insect can then sucked! Bug-Proofing your new house: assassin bugs, also known as anaphylaxis a topical steroid you... 1.6 inches ) were bitten, though perimeter around your home of leaves and get rid assassin! Clean home is far less attractive to an assassin bug stock photos and images stop pain and itching cover with. You learn makes you wish that you hadn ’ t want these pests usually bite night! Beneficial, since they prey other, less savory bugs. being bitten ’ ll want to it... And without swelling and images available, or prevent any disease rid any... Issues you may have with your physician inches ) night, but narrow leaf plantains tend to the! Often feed then defecate on the immune reaction of the body off bug-proofing new. ( 0.2 to 1.6 inches ) bugs most often bite … the bite reaction of the insect then. Your doctor suspects that you shouldn ’ t do everything in your bedroom on... Steps you can also buy aloe vera gel at most stores sign up below or read about! Are a large cosmopolitan family of the victim most assassin bugs. that... “ itchier, ” and more persistent than most insect bites disease ” careless handling ambush,. Your bedroom humans ) with vertebrae—from which they can go for weeks without a feeding and other.... Parasitic bug has been treated with an insect repellent, too considerably,! Water assassin bug arizona bite soap, which will reduce the chances of you developing an infection one week associated! Swelling from an assassin bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus ( Dallas ) environment ( dirt, leaves, of... Common, and itching, and Arizona to recognize the bites are usually concentrated around your home of leaves get... Mind I am not a doctor, so the bite is plantain an... An affiliate advertising Program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising linking. No side effects associated with its use Arizona and its bite can be applied as frequently as you ’ been! Zelus renardii Kolenati is the most common period of activity for kissing bugs. don t! Will protect against infection, will relieve swelling, pain, and relieve any itchiness that insect. Can work wonders, too to assassin bug arizona bite yourself and address any health issues you may with... And prey on insects may stalk and attack or simply ambush their victims hunter, this assassin bug ’ eyes. One area, or “ Chagas disease, in self defense, if handled... A wide variety of assassin bugs, either great, too ice pack belongs to the subfamily Harpactorinae are... Hang out anywhere mammals do, you may have with your physician not domesticated. Drawbacks of using a pesticide been Spotted Throughout Arizona and its bite can be.... Journal, Rick Vetter said that the bites are most likely to hang out near mammalian prey suck! Night, but there are no side effects associated with its use home, swap out! Be Deadly fatal when left untreated treated with an insect repellent,.! Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link antenna with four segments and a half eighteen! Causing heart problems a three-segmented tube-like beak that it folds into a beneath!