If you can survive the middle phase relatively unscathed, then you should be ok. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Cuphead is a classic run 'n' gun set in the style of a one-on-one fighting game universe. At least that’s Tyler Moldenhauer’s take on the game he helped create. Facebook, Download By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. and make my own tier list of bosses from easiest to hardest? I actually had an easier time with the bullets than those FUCKING MAGIC SPELLS. Tier List Lists *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Use our Tier List Maker to generate your free Tier List and share it with your friends. An alternative tier list covering Raid Bosses (amiibo versus human players) can be found on its respective wiki page. Here, we've ranked them all by difficulty. Like I said with Hilda Berg, she's easy to deal with if you know how to act fast and dish out a lot of damage fast, but Cala was trickier since unlike Hilda, Cala has a lot more tricks up her sleeve. The tier list council discusses updates in the Exion Discord server, so if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to drop by so you can get all the latest information on our amiibo training content (and tier list … Ultimate Tier List! Work in Progress CupHead fan-made boss battle (RocketMan battle) E 8,336 players, 20,308 plays 0 … I agree mostly with all of your other comments. traditional cel animation (hand drawn & hand inked! The invincibility means that you can go through a lot of enemies or attacks without taking any damage, making it much easier to move around during boss battles or navigate run and gun stages. Cuphead. The Devil: The only boss I still somewhat struggle with besides that bee bitch. Good Luck to everyone!!! This is a list of bosses from Cuphead. Ribby & Croaks (Frog Brothers): Ribby & Croaks were a slight step in difficulty from the last three bosses I faced, but still straightforward. Crazy enough, I beat Wally Warbles on my first time each playthrough (normal and expert) but I believe it was purely dumbluck due to everyone else saying how difficult he is. I actually found both Rumor and Grim to be not that hard. Next! I mostly used homing missiles with locked down fire button. Original Resolution: 548x291 The man who sings his own song! Well, people have been posting about their opinions on which bosses are easy and which are hard, and since I just beat Cuphead on Regular at least 3 times already, I decided "Why the fuck not?" This also only contains the MAIN characters, and no, I wont be adding anyone on request. Original Resolution: 772x1027; King Dice | Cuphead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Cuphead boss tier list maker. You're definitely gonna need it! Create and share your own Smash Bros. Baroness von Bon Bon (Candy Princess): Like with Cala, Bon Bon is a controversial pick for many since some think she's really easy and others say she's Dark Souls hard. I usually go for Mr. Wheezy, Hopus Pocus, and Pirouletta/Mangosteen and avoid the Tipsy Troop and Pip & Dot whenever possible. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our Cookie Policy. Fuck the treasure, fuck the turban, and fuck the pyramids. Download Image. I hate to admit it, but this hammy actress was this for me. I beat Rumor in less than 5 attempts. JUST NOT FAIR. Oh, and RNG platforms. Grim Matchstick (Dragon): Another boss that people seem to regard as overly difficult, but I wouldn't really regard Grim as the hardest Cuphead boss. Cuphead is a love letter to both 1930s animation and side-scrolling shooters. Smash Ultimate Tier List Maker. Fanmade bosses from cuphead ( 55 Followers ) Projects ( 100+) Comments ( 16) Curators; Activity; About. The bosses taunt you with different quotes depending on the phase you die in. U can be manger btw but ask me first. traditional cel animation (hand drawn & hand inked! 1 Appearance 2 Characteristics 3 Trivia 4 Gallery It is a metallic machine with angry eyes, a mouth with jail bars for teeth, a whistle, a funnel from the top where Aggravating Acorns spawns, and a switch peddling by a Deadly Daisy.