IMPORTHTML (url, query, index) url - The URL of the page to examine, including protocol (e.g. For instance, you can directly import data from web pages and edit it inside Google … 造訪學習中心. Imports data from a table or list within an HTML page. IMPORTRANGE: Imports a range of cells from a specified spreadsheet. Connect spreadsheets, automate your work. error. This is the url to the HTML page containing the list we want to import. VTI) in cell A2 and put this formula in another cell: =GOOGLEFINANCE(A2,"price") There is also a way to get Dividend information on Mutual Funds, just put a fund symbol (e.g. You can make the data in your Google Sheet automatically update. Active 2 months ago. Here's a list … Ask Question Asked 2 months ago. Looking at the formula, it requires a … http://). 您有在公司或學校使用 Google 文件等 Google 產品嗎?快來試試實用的秘訣、教學課程和範本,瞭解如何在不安裝 Office 的情況下處理 Office 檔案、建立動態專案計劃和小組日曆、自動整理收件匣及進行其他作業。 I didn't found something similar for Google Sheets built-in functions, so it's very likely that they could move at any time without any notice. I’m setting up a grade book in google sheets and I want to use conditional formatting to tell me if a value in the average is = to 0. IMPORTHTML is simply a command we can use in Google Sheets … If it’s “list,” the function looks for the contents of