When you read our reviews or check our top picks for cord-cutting products and services, you can trust that you're seeing the result of hours of testing and years of experience in the cord-cutting space. Select a show and click the Chromecast icon to connect and stream CuriosityStream on the TV. “We are thrilled to partner with YouTube TV to bring CuriosityStream’s … For a list of devices that you can use to watch CuriosityStream through Amazon, check out our guide to Amazon Prime Video. Netflix's documentary and science offerings, take a look at Curiosity Stream. CuriosityStream is, too, though it's a very focused one: it's all about documentaries and nothing but documentaries. Paying annually instead of monthly will effectively save you at least 42% on your membership fees. Here's a basic rundown of the service. Now you are ready to start your adventure into the world of documentaries. Start a Free Trial to watch CuriosityStream on YouTube TV (and cancel anytime). With CuriosityStream, you'll find content that covers a vast range of topics, and you can easily stream it to your TV. Those are the equivalents of $1.67 and $5.83 per month, respectively, though of course the actual charge is a lump sum paid once a year. Boasting an ever-growing catalog from subjects ranging from science and history to technology and nature CuriosityStream knows their non-fiction. Cloud DVR with no storage … There are lots of ways to get that documentary looking big and beautiful on your television. Be sure to check out our home page and social media pages for the latest! Watch CuriosityStream originals like … First things first: what is CuriosityStream? Both of these networks are available with 1 … If you prefer your Roku, Amazon fireTV, or Apple TV, you can follow these simple steps. YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service … What are you curious about? Why do most of the current nostalgic TV revivals fail. CuriosityStream is available on YouTube TV as an add-on premium channel for $3 per month. There are actually two CuriosityStream plans to choose from: Standard ($2.99 per month) and Premium ($9.99 per month). Once you have successfully signed up for CuriosityStream using a qualifying YouTube … A 4K quality plan is also available for … CuriosityStream is the world's first on-demand streaming service for award-winning documentaries that enlighten, entertain and inspire. The list below covers the devices that will work with CuriosityStream's standalone app. And if you're curious about what, exactly, CuriosityStream actually is, then you've come to the right place. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, CuriosityStream has lots of its own original content on offer. Yesterday YouTube TV added the on-demand streaming service CuriosityStream to their lineup. YouTube TV is a TV- and movie-streaming service that uses YouTube's clean and straightforward interface. © Youtube TV; Reviews. You'll pay a subscription in order to maintain access to CuriosityStream's library of content. You will receive a verification email shortly. Well, as we just mentioned, it's a streaming service with a passion for documentaries. Spanning five years with 60 episodes and companion content across Discovery's networks, "Curiosity… Created with … Following instructions on Curiosity Stream says to cancel through Amazon account. But, of course, you'll also pay for the whole year up front, meaning your cancellation options will be more limited. This YouTube TV subscription includes Curiosity Stream, Shudder channel for an additional $8 per month. In 2015, Hendricks harnessed this passion to create CuriosityStream, a streaming service meant to inspire ardent learners with the most curious minds of our time: visionaries in every … Now you can subscribe to CuriosityStream through YouTube TV and use it to manage and access your content. We make editorial decisions based on our expertise, first-hand experience, and informed opinions. If you already have a CuriosityStream account, please sign in above. Download the CuriosityStream … Going big We're all friends here. The same content is available no matter how you subscribe, but when we talk about things like CuriosityStream's price or platform on this page, we'll be focusing on the direct subscription option and CuriosityStream's own apps. Sundance 2021: R#J brings Shakespeare into the age of social media, England v Scotland live stream: how to watch Six Nations anywhere in the world, Small kaiju teased in the official trailer for Netflix's 'Pacific Rim: The Black'. Curiosity Stream … For more, check out the service's website. Amazon assistance says no account even though Curiosity Stream shows my $59.00 billing through Amazon. That's just a very small selection from CuriosityStream's catalog, of course. Of course, if you opted for the annual subscription, your next billing date could be nearly a year out! You can find more information on CuriosityStream right here on Cordcutting.com, along with plenty of coverage of other streaming services, including SVOD services, niche streaming services, and even live TV streaming services. Select LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio smart TVs. Interesting programs for folks who like science, art, history and other non fiction entertainment. For a list of devices that you can use to watch CuriosityStream through Sling TV, check out our guide to Sling TV. Nobody other than our editorial staff or advisory team have any influence over our reviews, rankings, or recommendations. Immerse yourself in stunning … So just keep in mind that, if you pay for annual service up-front, you're essentially prepaying for a year-long contract. Amazon Fire TV Cube Review; Amazon Prime Video Review; Apple TV+ Review; ... Browse, search, and watch TV & Movies 50+ streaming services. on average. Best answer: You can get CuriousityStream on your TV through the app on either a Smart TV, Xbox One, Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV. Of course, if you’re a videophile with a 4K TV, Curiosity Stream has you covered there, too, provided you’re willing to pay a little more. Still curious? Watch CuriosityStream originals like … This YouTube TV subscription includes Curiosity Stream channel for an additional $3 per month. No assistance from Amazon or Curiosity Stream. To sign up for CuriosityStream, click here. YouTube TV; Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads iOS 11 and up; Available Smart TVs Market apps: LG, Samsung, Sony/Android TV, and VIZIO; CuriosityStream content is a complimentary service if you have Optimum or Suddenlink internet by Altice. CuriosityStream's free trial lasts for 7 days, and you can cancel at any time during the free trial period without having to pay a dime. We may sometimes change when and where brands and links are referenced on our website, including the order of entries in unranked lists. While you won't be billed anymore, you will have already paid for the full year and won't get money back. Cordcutters save $100/mo. It's possible to find non-fiction on a variety of platforms, but if you want it all in one place, then try CuriosityStream. Under my devices and video there are **no** channels or services to cancel. Sign In With Your Provider. But what documentaries and series can you actually find on the service? YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that lets you watch major broadcast … Go into the streaming device's app store . NY 10036. We research options, new technology, share tips, review services, and more, at no cost to our readers. YouTube TV subscribers now have the option to add two new services to their accounts: AMC Premiere and Curiosity Stream.. AMC Premiere is available for $5 a month and allows subscribers to watch … TV Guide. Our goal at Cordcutting.com is to help people save money on the TV they love and access it on-the-go. YouTube TV members have access to cable-free live TV from over 60 … I signed up for CuriosityStream through a YouTube promotional link. First, we should mention that the process of cancelling CuriosityStream will be different depending on how you signed up for it. To determine your download speed, visit … App is a … So CuriosityStream is a niche SVOD service that is designed to appeal to fans of documentaries and documentary series. Following instructions on Curiosity Stream says to cancel through Amazon account. If you signed up for CuriosityStream through Amazon Channels, then you'll have to cancel it in your Amazon account; if you went through Sling TV, you'll have to cancel through Sling TV; and so on. Since your TV and Xbox One are already acquainted, now we need to introduce them Xbox to the CuriosityStream app. How do I get access to Nebula? Put it all together and you have what we call “streaming video on demand,” or SVOD. $43.00. Thank you for signing up to WhatToWatch. Visit our corporate site. This is our guide to CuriosityStream, and we'll cover everything from the basics (did you know that CuriosityStream is a documentary-focused streaming service?) No assistance from Amazon or Curiosity Stream. YouTube TV with Curiosity Stream. As mentioned above, CuriosityStream focuses entirely on documentary content. CuriosityStream is the world's first on-demand streaming service for award-winning documentaries that enlighten, entertain and inspire. Sign in to your CuriosityStream account. That includes feature-length documentaries, documentary series, lectures, short clips, and more, all of which stream ad-free. You can subscribe to CuriosityStream directly, just as you can with most other SVOD services; but you can also subscribe to CuriosityStream through the Amazon Channels subscription platform or as an add-on to the skinny bundle streaming service Sling TV. Click below and use our channel finder tool to find the best streaming service for you. If you have one of these, you're in luck! Under my devices and video there are **no** channels or services to cancel. Let's start with the Chromecast. Another way to access CuriosityStream is through your Xbox One console. CuriosityStream is also available as an add-on option through: Amazon Prime; Xfinity by Comcast; Sling TV; Layer3 TV; VRV Streaming Service; PlayStation Vue; Some users have complained about the streaming … CuriosityStream is the world’s leading documentary and non-fiction streaming service covering science, nature, history, biographies of real characters of consequence and pretty much … Today CuriosityStream announced that they are cutting the cost of their subscription streaming service and is launching a free ad-supported version. Click here to get your hands on the free trial. We participate in affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Unleash your curiosity Explore award-winning originals, documentaries, and series hosted by master experts like Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough. New York, In order to enjoy CuriosityStream in 4K uninterrupted, we recommend that you have download speeds of 25 Megabits per second or higher. YouTube TV launched last year, offering more than 60 networks and a cloud DVR for $40/month. If it is, then you can get the CuriosityStream app directly from your TV's store to start watching right away! As with any streaming service, part of the joy of using CuriosityStream is the ability to watch your content on different devices from any place that you please. “YouTube TV … It also licenses some content from other media outlets, such as BBC Worldwide. The upgraded 4K streaming plan is priced at $9.99 … CuriosityStream is an American factual media and entertainment company that offers video programming including documentaries, TV shows, and short form video content to … If you decide during your free trial period that CuriosityStream just isn't for you, or if you no longer feel like maintaining our paid subscription, you will want to know how to cancel CuriosityStream. Both the Standard and Premium plans offer annual pricing structures that will save you money relative to the monthly plans. to the more complex (do you know how to cancel CuriosityStream?). Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks. Please refresh the page and try again. Altice USA Brings CuriosityStream to Optimum and Suddenlink Customers --Breakthrough Carriage Deal a First in Providing a Leading SVOD Service Universally To All … Amazon assistance says no account even though Curiosity Stream shows my $59.00 billing through Amazon. Buy the service, cancel cable and start saving serious cash. CuriosityStream is among the premium channels YouTube TV offers, which inlcude Fox Soccer Plus and Showtime. WhatToWatch is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You'll pay a subscription in order to maintain access to CuriosityStream's … We work with partners and may receive compensation through these partnerships. Get the latest updates, reviews and unmissable series to watch and more! Of course, you may want to watch it on your big high def TV. Watch award-winning science, technology, history and nature documentaries, worldwide, on-demand and available on multiple devices. CuriosityStream is serious about its documentary focus: it doesn't include reality programming or speculative paranormal programming in its lineup, though it does offer lectures and performances.A fair amount of CuriosityStream's offerings are originals. Whatever it is, it's likely this unprecedented event series created by Discovery founder John Hendricks has it covered. CuriosityStream, like most niche SVOD services, cost less per month than big boys like Netflix and Hulu. If you prefer your Roku, Amazon fireTV, or Apple TV, you can follow these simple steps. CuriosityStream also offers a 7-day free trial. They offer ways to watch their award-winning content in so many ways, and that includes on your TV. This all comes … So our next question is: what devices is CuriosityStream compatible with? CuriosityStream doesn't lock you in to any kind of long-term contract: you can cancel anytime, and you won't be charged again. The best way to get a deal on CuriosityStream is to opt for an annual pricing plan. Possibly the easiest way to do this is to watch directly through your Smart TV. We can get you watching your favorite non-fiction with no problems. It has exclusive documentary movies and series. If you've got a thing for non-fiction, but haven't been too successful in tracking down any good streaming options for it, no worries. Considering signing up to stream YouTube TV? To keep this resource free, Cordcutting.com is compensated by certain providers listed below. If not, we have a few options below to get you watching in no time. With over 2400 programs that are added to weekly with new shows, you can stream and learn until your mind or heart is content. The easiest way is to use one of the following devices: Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon fireTV, or a Roku. Navigate to the Your Account page, then click CANCEL. CuriosityStream plans start at $2.99 per month, which is pretty low even by the standard of niche services. But if you signed up for CuriosityStream directly, here's what you need to do: head to CuriosityStream's website and sign into your account. Netflix is an SVOD service, and so is Amazon Prime Video. These partnerships never influence our reviews, rankings, or recommendations. It's for fans of a particular type of thing (in this case, documentaries). Stream with your TV or Internet package — free with some providers. You can also use the app on your phone partnered with a Chromecast. “Stay curious,” says the tagline on CuriosityStream‘s website. Our partnerships exist to support our efforts to help our readers with free content. If you don't own a Smart TV, there's other tech that can help you stream. However, that means your television has to be internet-connected and manufactured by LG, Samsung, Sony, or Vizio. Check out CuriosityStream's 30 second TV commercial, 'Secret Societies' from the Video Streaming Services industry. There was a problem. As optional add-ons for all subscribers, CuriosityStream and AMC Premiere are both now available for YouTube TV subscribers. YouTube TV provides over 85 channels of entertainment, news, live sports, and … With CuriosityStream, your content is available on demand — that is, whenever you want to watch it. They have shows that explore The Secrets of Quantum Physics, Enigma Man - A Stone Age Mystery, even Leaps In Evolution.