This was especially true when a restaurant or a chain with really large menus were running promotions. This independent report by Altoros Systems compares RaaS providers using a single Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance with simulated traffic in the same region. Your Database server won't be affected of cpu time needed for compression. Following is the configuration of linux server: 4gb RAM / dual core ( 1vcpu ) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 0 @ 2.70GHz / 100Gb Disk / fs.file-max = 6815744. Redis strings vs Redis hashes to represent JSON: efficiency? One of our endpoints that serves restaurant menus to our consumers had high p99 latency numbers. Redis uses LZF light data compressor at the dump time, so it won't lessen the memory consumption. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. At LogicMonitor, we deal primarily with large quantities of time series data. Zopfli is a zlib-compatible compression algorithm that trades superior compression ratio for a long runtime. When the Replica Of is defined across different Redis Enterprise Software clusters, it may be beneficial to compress the data that flows through the network (depending on where the clusters physically reside and the available network). If you have ever faced Redis timeouts issue, you probably know that there is no single reason for it. Conclusions. A compressor upon EasyCaching serializers using EasyCompressor.. To see things in action before deploying them to production, we setup a sandbox and chose 10K random menus. Meaning and addressees of Hector's threats. To detect memory pressure on the client: 1. 2. By default Redis don't have any limitation-usage-resources, so all depends of the power of the server. Who can use "LEGO Official Store" for an online LEGO store? LibLZF is copyright Marc Alexander Lehmann and is released under the terms of the two clause BSD license. There are a plethora of benchmarks on the internet already comparing compression speeds and ratios. EasyCaching is the best caching abstraction library that supports many providers and serializers. Conclusions. It is possible to use the compression library 'Snappy' on Hypernode. This page faultingcauses the system to slow down significantly. Redis, on average, has higher performance than Memcached when calculated as cores in small data storage. What is a time series? 350,333 bytes of Cheesecake factory (serialized JSON) menu 67,863 bytes with LZ4, and 77,048 bytes with Snappy. that means, that your sessions are stored within redis but the backend isn't. Learn how we utilized a custom Kafka solution to reduce outages and enable horizontal scalability for task processing. Its performance is stable for high traffic Magento stores. Following is the basic syntax of Redis CONFIG command. Redis database number; protection from accidental loss is improved by using a unique DB number for sessions --> < compression_threshold > 2048 < compression_threshold > 2048