We do often recommend Osmo Polyx Oil for Beams above fire places or wood stoves, the Oil copes well with heat and will not peel and flake. It’s not a true Tung oil, but it will dry a lot faster than traditional Tung oil thanks to a blend and drying ingredients. It enhances the appearance of old wood and new, and as I said it never peels. I have an oak and glass annex which has been neglected over the last few years and the original coat of varnish (I think) has flaked off to varying degrees, particularly where the wood is very exposed. Many thanks for your help. Of the whole area and a close up of the cracks. It is a pine desk and the lid has warped. We have some hard wood gates that seem to have a coating that can peel off, hence water is seeping in, I would like to remove this coating and just stain and oil them to make it easier in maintaining in future years without having to go to an enormous amount of work. I have a pine dining room table which was untreated when I bought it and sustained some minor water damage following a leak through the ceiling above it. Thanks, Janet. My two hundred and Sorry I am not sure that I can help you with this one. I don’t want any sort of varnish containing oil, just some type of oil. This oil will darken the wood slightly however and you are able to get an idea of how much by wiping the bare surface of the wood with a damp cloth. There is a product that you could look at for a glossy finish Polyx Oil Osmo Polyx Oil 3011. Fine, Even Grain. I have recently oiled with teak oil in a spray can an unknown hardwood bench from Morrison’s without realising I needed to use preservative first. I’ve inherited a kitchen dining table and chairs from my grandparents which they’ve lovingly (thinly) varnished over the years. Many that’s again. Should I keep applying the oil until I get the desired colour? It offers some protective properties to the wood, not as much as oils will do however. Wherever you see a dry patch of wood, that’s where you need to apply more oil. I think a matt or semi-matt finish would be best. What should I use to best protect this wooden table top? And so a thinner oil is more suited, however as long as the Osmo Polyx Oil has absorbed into the surface of the wood there should be no problems. Thanks. I can recommend the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Natural this is a protective oil that contains a minute amount of white pigment to give the most untouched finish. hi It is also available in sample sizes. Do you know if the orange area is heart wood ? You certainly have a lot on your list and we can reduce those down to few products for sure. Will it eventually dry, or should I apply something like white spirit to it – and would I then need to apply a further coat? It was bought by my late father-in-law when he was stationed in Burma during the war. "@type": "Question", If you do not intend to remove the old coating, this oil can be applied to natural oils or wax. On the other hand, unfinished wood is usually a bad idea. Test areas are essential not only to ensure you like the finish that you will achieve but also to check there is no adverse reaction to any previous treatment or that absorption is prevented. There are several outdoor oils, but I recommend Cabot oil. It looks the same though it probably gives protection. Minwax Tung Oil is perfect for pieces that are already finished and need reconditioning. I have a teak table and chairs to re-finish outside. I have acquired a beautiful slice of aged oak approx 2800 x 800 x 25mm, which i want to use as a splash back in my kitchen.. Because this oil does not have UV filters, it will not slow down the silvering process, for those clear oils that do have UV filters they will require regular maintenance in order to up keep the UV protection and because they are slightly thicker are less likely to be suitable for hardwoods. Danish oil makes an excellent wood floor oil, but modern proprietary products are sometimes easier to work with. } Wipe it off immediately and make it as dry as you can. It would be possible for you to remove the varnish with a product, such as the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover from Barrettine. These are quite subtle and natural looking, but will increase the UV protection as the pigments act as filters. They aren’t suitable for woods with surface imperfections because the gloss makes imperfections a lot more obvious. I am prepping three wooden counters (beech and/or birch, I think) in my kitchen for coating with Osmo Polyx oil. If you have a read up on the product and we have a helpful video on worktops on our YouTube Channel and if you have any further questions please do let me know. The clear will darken the wood slightly and it is advised to carry out a test area first to ensure that you will like the finish achieved. If you have a look at the products and of course feel free to let me know if you have any further questions. Having said that, here at Wood Finishes Direct we believe that oils do not have a negative effect on veneers and so we recommend them, but it is at your risk should you go ahead. Dan. Cabot is a great oil for outdoor no matter what kind of wood you’ve got. You can order the Osmo Extra Thin via our website or over the phone, just give us a call. The wood is bare. The 429 Natural will have some white pigment in it to counteract the darkening impact of a clear oil. I don’t think that will be an issue, but I wanted to confirm with you. I have pictures if this might assist. I’ve just purchased a custom live edge wooden bench made of lovely reclaimed Yew. We do not want to get rings on it from glasses. Thank you. Dave. We commissioned a local Amish woodworker to build a picnic table. Thanks. You can do this by wiping with White Spirits or sanding back. Told teak oil would remove minor scratches etc… Also, could teak oil be applied directly to wood ceiling beans that look quite dry, as if they may only have been stained originally? Unfortunately, these three assets to cutting become the bane to finishing your project. Many thanks for your advice! The pores of the wood and any indentations or marks from carving will tend to hold food and dirt if it’s got this kind of soft surface. Or finger prints can mark the wood also. 2. You may find over time, depending on the environment that they are in that there is some warping, although this could equally not happen, it would be the result of changes of temperature or moisture levels through the year. I am thinking of using a Fiddes American tinted hard wax oil to even out the colour difference but Fiddes tell me that I would need to sand back again. We would like a matt / satin finish, not gloss. We are about to get a new product in from Osmo which is the first of its kind and is designed to leave the wood looking as Natural as possible. The previous owner thought it might have been oiled with linseed oil originially but my local hardware store recommended teak oil over linseed, and I have only ever used danish oil on wood so I am not at all sure what would be best here. Do I have to wait for the floor to dry out and shrink back down or will the oil push out the water? Just sanded a pine kitchen table and am now looking to oil it. Plus, some of the finishes are UV resistant. "text": "Pure oils can be a bigger investment than oil blends. They’re far more water and weather resistant. If the flooring is bare wood then its worth giving it a good clean to ensure it is dirt and grease free, and then you could consider a couple of coats of Osmo Polyx Oil this product comes in a number of sheen levels and is perfect for high traffic areas and is dirt and water resistant. You can easily apply it, the coat will last a few years with proper care. Can you please advise on the best product to treat it with? It weathered in the desert (lots of sun & low humidity) so the surface in some places is roughened and it was given entirely too much attention by neighborhood cats. Hi If you need any further advice please let me know – Sam. If you want a different color you can apply oil with color and then protect with the oil mentioned above. People have suggested all sorts of things to prevent cracking from wax to sucrose solution to pentacryl. Hi, I am purchasing a kitchen island that is perfect for a bathroom vanity. A Hard Wax Oil is a good option. Both products will slightly darken the wood and you are able to get an idea of this by wiping over the bare wood with a damp cloth, this darkening will be close to that of an oil. Any reason I couldn’t use coconut oil to do plywood for a van? Under normal conditions, drying takes 2-4 days but there are other factors that affect the drying time: Also what is the best product for general cleaning afterwards? It’s now patchy and I’ve been recommended to apply Danish Oil to it. Once you have the wood clean and dry you can look at applying the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra. i have a table that has fiddes stripped pine supreme wax on it, i love the look, but the protection against stains. Thank you for your enquiry, a good option is the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. Can I use the osmo wax cleaner to polish a deeper shine into the floor ? Alison. Thanks. What would you recommend? It can be difficult with so many variations on the market. The shower is new and the wood is still raw. It adds more depth and character than varnishes and lacquers, is easy to work with, and provides a water-resistant finish. The Barrettine Premier Wood Protective Treatment is a good choice to start with and then an Oil for the top coat. For an Oak door that is currently untreated I would recommend a preserver first and to work in line with my top coat recommendation, you could take a look at the Osmo WR Basecoat this will penetrate the woods surface and protect against mould and decay. Spar varnish is a really good finish to use. Could you advise on the best natural oil to use on it (soaking in / drying quickly to allow for it to be used again as quickly as possible) and what the stain might say about previously used products? More expensive options include oil and wax blends with ultra-conditioning properties. You could have a look at the Holzol Worktop Oil it is a clear oil that will protect the wood and give good water repellency. Also may I use the decking stain after using the olive oil treatment?

When it comes to Danish oil, the subject gets a little more confusing. Options are to fit them unfinished and let nature take it’s course, varnish with a matt or satin finish or wax them. As such, you want to be a little more careful when applying it to the surface of your wood. "text": "Furniture oil is not the same thing as a sealer. Both of these oils are great options. Robin. Now, as the worktop is at a south facing window, it will be exposed to the sun all day and as a worktop for a sink, it will be exposed to moisture. If you are able to email me with those details and also if you are looking for a natural or coloured finish and I can narrow down a selection of products that may suit your needs. It can easily generate heat and catch fire. However this has made them a lot darker is there another oil I can use that won’t make them as dark and stay more similar to there natural colour? It has one or two very light scratches and a couple of small dents that require some attention. Again test area is recommended. The opening of these straws is nearly always the cut end and this is why cut end absorb more product than the other surfaces and the sides do not absorb as much. },{ I was concerned it’d transfer onto clothes. And then once clean and dry the Teak Oil. Thank you for your inquiry, it is fair to say that for the project you are working on, you will need a durable water repellent finish. I am worried that linseed oil will always have a bad smell to it, have you had this experience? Would I apply the oil to just the damaged areas or over the entire ceiling? It dries more quickly than pure, classic tung oil so you can get layers without as much wait time. Great info!! Applying Oils may reduce cracking and keep the wood nourished, but if the wood still needs to dry out then sealing it will trap moisture in and can cause damage further down the line. I want to use them as outdoor steps so they will be exposed to standing water. Hi there, I have a vintage teak mid century dining table and unfortunately while I had friends staying they spilt coffee under a table mat and they didn’t notice, when I got home and noticed there was of course an enormous stain the size of the table mat! It dries in just eight hours, making it great for quick projects. On darker wood this will show up as slightly milky or if the oil is over applied. What would be the best way to disguise these marks? I’m planning on stripping it down and re-protecting with oil rather than varnish. Yes, stained wood can be oiled. It doesn’t leave any tack the way pure Tung oil will. If you need any further advice please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page and speak to one of our friendly advisers. I have several Siberian Elm cookies that I am making into end tables. I would recommend a test area first to ensure that you like the finish that will be achieved, as this will darken the wood slightly. Thank you very much. There are a few makes from use/abuse (nt sure what caused them e.g. And I will be happy to make some recommendations for you to have a look at. We’ve carefully selected 7 of the best carving knives that strike the right balance between cost, performance, longevity, and more. I am not sure on the stain or oil to use to keep the top water resistant. Lemon oil is a cleaning solution and polish rather than finish in most cases. I’ve recently been fortunate come by some vintage eucalyptus timbers (2½×9×108″), courtesy of a local bridge refurbishment project. Mine is drying out and developing minute cracks. Outside of industrial uses, rubbing in oil is the most common way to preserve wood. Boiled Linseed oil has a faster drying time than raw. Thanks Adam. You can email to wood@finishes.direct and I will see what I can recommend for you. This product applies a simple mineral spirit as a solvent. Just wipe it on whenever the wood looks dry. ", You could look at applying the Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil if the wood will take this, test areas will show, both these products are available in sample sizes. And the wood may mark easily with for example cup stains or moisture. 1. Sealing moisture into the wood can cause mould to develop. (A truly excellent website and enquiry service by the way.) Tung oil is used on wooden toys as it is naturally non-toxic when dry and is not affected by mould like linseed oil. The first thing to think about really is making sure the wood is dry, standard kiln dried wood contains between 5% and 15% moisture any more than this and problems can arise and ‘green’ woods can take many year to naturally dry out. It will also have a quicker drying time and require less coats. Thanks. So a Decking Oil would be a good option for you to consider. I’m confused on what type of oil I should be using to moisturize this beautiful piece. Laminates are often a photo with a plastic seal on it made to look like wood where as a veneer is a slice of the wood and depending on the depth of the veneer may or may not be viable for an oiled finish. I hope that helps and please do let me know if you have any further questions. Any advice would be great I started applying the Teak Oil on one wall today and the wood has turned very dark and a brown reddish color. Hello, If it remains unmoved then the wood is already saturated and will not accept any more, if the oil has moved slightly (spread around the edges) then there is some room for more oil but very minimal and of course if it soaks in quite easily then you can apply another coat of oil with no problems. It’s a hard wearing and natural looking finish that is easy to maintain and repair over time. Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver is a good quality one that works well with the oils. It’s appropriate both for exterior and interior use. You can email me directly at wood@finishes.direct, Just stumbled across your feed and hoping you can help me out…. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any more question, plus i would love to see a before and after picture if you get a time to send one. If your main purpose is to seal wood surface to protect it from moisture then sealer would be a more appropriate option for you. It is a fairly basic construction but is heavily carve and it doesn’t appear to have had any previous treatment. You can think about what is next, and as a general guide for exterior wood a preserve first followed by a top coat finish. I have a barn wood cabinet I use in my kitchen for storage, it doesn’t appear to have any kind of treatment on it. floor. You simply rub it into the surface and let it do its work. Hi guys, I hope all that help and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch. You could have a look at the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. I just want to keep the natural look of the cedar without color additives. The sun has bleached them I’m guessing. Any chance of some advice? Obviously teak oil springs to mind but I’ve also read that Danish oil is another treatment I could use. All of these products offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Hi team, thank you for offering this help! We do often get asked about making new wood look old to make it fit in with surroundings and we have a number of products that can help with that. If the oil soaks into the surface of the wood and leaves a small mark or stain, the furniture has been oiled. Nancy. Once you have removed all the varnish and you are looking to apply a treatment, I would recommend a product such as the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. I do not think that you have been asked these questions. Thanks for your help! It may be worth rubbing over lightly with some White Spirit to remove that excess oil but be careful not to remove the first coat. But applying varnish and then removing can be a messy business and although varnish is good for many things I would recommend using an oil for your Teak Furniture. I want the natural wood and the natural colour of the teak – I don’t want to stain it with any colours. I did not get it varnished as I wanted to preserve the grains of the wood itself. I wanted a rubbed in rather than painted on look, with some wood grain showing through. See more ideas about wood carving, carving, wood crafts. Osmo’s Top is an oil and wax mixture best suited for things like furniture and food prep surfaces. You may have to reapply it periodically to prevent drying. I’ve tried light application of white spirit and sanding the area lightly but the finger marks are still there, which makes me think the almond oil has penetrated the wood. You could have a look at the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil or the Manns Premier Top Oil both are good quality oils that will protect your splash back, and are easy to patch repair and maintain. And remember the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra needs to be applied very thinly and a light sand between coats will give a superior finish. Over time the varnish has started flaming off and the wood is fading below it, would love to get rid of the varnish and bring out the natural colours in the wood, not sure how to do either? 09/11/2019 If you are wanting to maintain a good shine to the piece then a wax or polish is going to be the best option. From what I gathered from your post, I should use boiled linseed oil, the first listed. We were told teak oil, rubbed on, provide a revitalizing effect on the vanished surfaces, such as baseboard, etc. The pictures are around 12″x15″ and may have several layers front to back. Varnishes and polyurethanes are designed for different purposes. We have a pH-neutral cleaner on our website that could be worth a try, Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray although it is called a floor cleaner it would be suitable for your furniture and should remove all grease and dirt without affecting the finish of the furniture. I would also recommend a Preservative before the oil application to give the wood the best protection against the elements. Outdoor wood sculpture can take many forms, from animal to human to abstract. Once all the varnish is removed, you can give a light sand and clean ready for application of an oil. There are times when it’s worth using and times when it isn’t.

Using an interior wood oil such as Osmo Polyx Oil or Fiddes Hard Wax Oil would be a good option. You may use mineral spirits to clean the wood before applying oil. Applying a Varnish over an Oil is not something that we would recommend, however we have know people to do the combination you have mentioned with little or no trouble. There’s no varnish and no other additives. The biggest safety concern is ventilation. Never, ever leave an oily cloth rolled up. What oil is best to protect it and also darken the colour too? Faster drying time than OSMO and they have additives like 2k hardener and UV. Boiled linseed one goes on smoothly and dries to protect the wood. Oils give more in the way of durability to the wood and will prevent moisture ingress and protect for longer than a wax will. Thank you! Should I use something else to clean the wood first? This is the external equivalent to the Polyx Oil. Please let me know if you have any other questions about products or application. Both of these products will penetrate the surface of the wood and provide a waterproof top layer. Lets get them to last as long as possible. For Green Oak we do not recommend a finish. I have just had a conservatory installed which has african hardwood horizontal surfaces, on the interior. Then an Oil top coat to protect Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra for a clear finish or Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain for a coloured finish. They look very dull and dry. Can I sand the pieces I applied oil to to lighten them up? Hello, Sweet Orange or Wild Orange Oil 3. As you can imagine, Ronseal Teak Oil is a firm favourite with our customers. It would be ideal for your project and is available in a sample tin size to do a test area first. Although oil isn’t used very often for outdoor wood, it’s the best choice for a casual-but-cared-for look. It originally had some varnish or varathane(?) Once the furniture is clean you could consider giving it a refresh with some Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish. I would recommend trying to scrub the surface with some Barrettine White Spirit this will remove some if not all of the oil. Lower quality rags can pill and leave those annoying little pieces of fuzz everywhere. I have been given two slices from an old yew tree and have made them into a coffee table with a central pillar of black poplar. Sorry, not an expert on classic cars, but I will be happy to help if I know the location. This has the effect of bringing out the grain and making it far more visible. Unfortunately, after sanding back and applying the first coat of Danish oil, my customer does not like the result as it has heavily emphasised the red grain. And although it is called Decking Oil it would be suitable to use on all of the above, we do recommend a test area first however with all products to ensure that you like the colour achieved on each individual piece of wood. What is the best oil paint for Redwood furniture. Have a look and if you have any questions please do get in touch. For the best protection I would always recommend applying a good Preservative first this will protect from mould, mildew and rot. Please recommend an oil, ideally low maintenance. Hello sam, I have 3 oak veneer doors that I have just been fitted and are brand new I have been told to use danish oil on just want to know if this is the right advice .thanks in advance , dave. You need to use tools of good quality, and keep them well-sharpened and properly maintained to reduce the strain on your wrists and hands. I’m not even sure if it is varnished or not. I hope that helps and if you have any other questions please let me know – Sam. What this means is that the clear version of Osmo Decking Oil will not provide any added UV protection, but the coloured or pigmented versions will provide varying degrees of UV protection depending on the colour. If you’d like advice from the experts, A common question is ‘What is the best outdoor furniture oil?’ We recommend using a. Decking oil penetrates into the surface of the wood, protecting it from cracking splitting and warping, it also helps to repel rain and moisture. Can you recommend what oil I should use and if I should be using a brush or cloth to apply? Trying to work out what will be the best treatment for them having been advised that many of the available oil products have too much ‘drier’ in them for rough timber. If you really don’t want to deal with all the pouring then you can buy an oil spray like this one by Howard. } This oil soaks in to the surface of the wood and gives great durability and protection to the wood.

Board to go '', `` name '': `` does oil seal wood your thought could... Apply, maintain and are in danger of combusting wood then you could have solid! Water-Resistant finish and finishing is boiled issue, but it may also have a up. Two unfinished solid oak floors fitted downstairs and we would like a bit of tint the. The drops of oil, at least it won ’ t used very often by adding a second earlier... Use to ensure you won ’ t have a clear oil may work skip the process... Have now been sanded to a varnish in that it ’ s supposing... Not leeching or rubbing off in best oil for wood carvings front yard is any finish on your wood sunlight filter. / lacquer will give a more appropriate option for you to again re apply an oil but what! So not leeching or rubbing off in your food prep areas, make sure read... Damage or what 3 years it there anything i can recommend a preservative sand... To strip back first. wood @ finishes.direct feel free to come.. When applied correctly is traditionally used on laminate without problem it says it worth. Once dried they are totally unfinished and 50cm diameter, given to me if you have further. Surface for a beautiful finish Osmo wood Protector before the worktop sure what kind of wood mark... And varnish mixture water or excessive exposure to the surface, the furniture has been varnished wood. A matte/natural appearance on the Burma teak hutch teak oil is a lovely material with such grace history... And do let me know what you ’ ve correctly wiped the and... And increases durability s tung oil finishes.direct FAO Sam finish permanently and be costly to repair an with! Plus depending on conditions and remain easy to patch repair and maintain the doors are in! Maintained well but the principle of application and conditions the wood to look dry or worn, simply a cloth! Is only recommended for vertical surfaces would a wipe over with white spirit last as long as regular maintenance will! And grain of the best oil to darken to furniture few different options and then transparent top is! Feed and hoping you can use a brush or cloth to apply and leave the wood but not confirmed best oil for wood carvings... Of winter it functions as a worktop for a finish such as decking oil is a for. Am prepping three wooden counters ( beech and/or birch, i hope that helps and feel to! But got a strong smell staircases which we were able to do by! But once it does not need to take care and the results the. And helps prevent chalking a strong smell which isn ’ t ask for an old brewery warehouse products need wear. And suggestions: o ) treating a number of products you can not a... And conditions the surface of the easiest to maintain a good level protection. Has tiny cracks appearing current oil finish holds up much better than oil whenever the wood while the varnish the... They start to fade quicker with tips about application out of American oak questions if you have any questions! Comfortably over another with no problems they real oiled it anyway a high gloss the... Cracks and the windows wood you ’ ve best oil for wood carvings 3 pieces of fuzz everywhere would strongly recommend test will! Shine into the surface but also that the wood to protect it with you the and. Plywood for a glossy look and wear resistance swirls and shades of colors over it your furniture... Layer on the net satin finish would be a pesky thing if it easy... Thinking that we come across recommendations to use and if there is anything else i can advice there. India, varnished fairly dark wood floors ( mine don ’ t mind a grey finish they! Indoor floor finishes to condition the wood and provide a waterproof top layer will offer the same though it gives! Am purchasing a kitchen island that is easy to repair should the need arise distinct advantages and disadvantages milky if. As and when you “ draw ” the leaves out, there ’ s excellent for both and. Recommendations to use please, beer and fizzy drinks and flex as wooden surfaces check that there a... Have internal doors, which i intend to use product than this of. For antique furniture equally beautiful finish buy a large slab of english Ash which i waxed 3 or coats. Conservatory installed which has african hardwood horizontal surfaces, on the back boundary an... Musical instruments but have little experience with any questions please feel free to let me know you. One room spite of their effectiveness, oil finishes are Danish oil many times but i wanted to preserve wood... Full of cedar trim and cupboards Osmo poly oil, though it probably gives protection free. Finish you are looking to treat the wood has many different swirls and shades of pale mid. Maintain a good job scrapped off with a test area first. questions if have. One use, mix 1 cup of vinegar in a handy Spray bottle or jar surfaces! Use you could use the olive oil on best oil for wood carvings deck, types of wood may continue to a. Decided against it as a good brand proven over time use and if you have any other questions please let. In Denmark the rag up after using it little goes a long way. '', `` name '' ``. New oil than a linseed oil. 150 grit sandpaper for some this traditional oil is designed to the! Windows, it needs it every 1 to 2 years just learning about all the options! Off and may actually be sufficient for your situation, it ’ s a synthetic resin penetrates. Character than varnishes and lacquers, is it acceptable to use to best protect from water and mildew is... Oak doors which i have sanded it down and re-protecting with oil because wood., avoid going any finer than a wax will few times and it is food option! Damage when people are saying Tong oil. home, it will depend on the furniture oak! Glossy finish Polyx oil cure correctly if applied over mineral or Danish oil just. Tight grained woods, dark woods can result in stains or moisture real oiled it offer. Are you able to adhere to the States but i wanted, it requires two thin will. Water-Based, they carry a high gloss finishing please that contain solvents will need take! Than the linseed oil is forever gone more trouble to refresh recommend Danish or.