In 2016, Rodan + Fields (or simply R+F), the company behind the famous Proactiv brand, has launched a new product to compete with other eyelash enhancers available now on the market. I noticed growth within the first week. Exact same side effects happened with me. Do NOT apply more than necessary. Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2019. My eyelids are super red when I use the product especially if any face cream etc is intermingled by accident. I stop using product and try to cover with eye shadow but could clearly still see that I had a reaction from using this product LONG TERM. Lashes are now longer and fuller. I am on my third doctor appointment! For any medical concerns, including pregnancy and breastfeeding, Rodan + Fields advises consulting with your doctor prior to using the product. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Top 10 Best Lash Boost Rodan Fields Serum . It’s not mascara that Amazon shoppers swear by for longer, fuller lashes… I have nice lashes already but wanted to see if they could get longer and fuller but now I’m concerned to stop using the product after reading that my lashes could fall out. At first I thought maybe it was just coincidence, so I stopped using it until my eye and sty cleared up. I bought the serum last year and in about 3 weeks I noticed that my lashes were longer and they weren’t falling out as much as before. ❗️ Darkening: Lash Boost contains ingredients that may cause your lashes to darken. If irritation persists or is not tolerable, consult with your doctor. Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2019. I recommend this lash boost if you want to grow your … R&F uses the same ingredient. You can use Lash Boost while wearing contact lenses. I came here to write a review for another product but remembered using this last year so I thought I would leave a review for this as well. I am having the same problem!!! I didn’t need them any longer so I stopped using it. My lashes are full and much longer. Yes lashs were longer but I would never recommend this product for long term use. Lash Boost contains the ingredient. If any irritation or bothersome side effects are presented, stop use and return it for a refund (within 60 days). In January I started having headaches across my forehead & cheek bones that I dismissed as sinus pressure (I did not make the connection). I had the same result with both Latisse and Lash Boost. Over 40 Beauty: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review I’ve never had long lashes. Latisse Reviews. Since I started using it, my lashes, which peaced-the-eff-out after I gave birth to Connor, are longer, thicker and so much … Dec 26, 2016 33.6K views. I started to notice hair growth under my eyes and the tops of my cheeks. The serum itself is like water. ), also my eye lashes now have bald spots where lashes have fallen out and broke off. Thank you Roden and Fields for a great product. I noticed I had some burning of eyes some nights . No refund or … I didn’t really think it would work, but I tried it anyway. People will ALWAYS go out of their way to write bad review but rarely a good review. My sister is the one who got the lashes; she complains of them bumping against her sunglasses while … Now I have to see a doctor. Lash Boost was developed over 5 years before being put on the market. Can I use Lash Boost if my eyeliner is tattooed? The package insert utilized a heavier stock (almost cardboard like) in the dupe. However, the product was designed to be used for natural eyelashes, so results are not guaranteed if you use it on your eyelashes with extensions. Rodan And Fields - Lash Boost Serum Review Dec 26, 2016 33.6K views 71 comments I purchased the lash boost about 6 weeks ago...Ive now noticed clumps of lashes falling out also … I was a little hesitant at first because I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes but I have been using the product for almost a year now with AMAZING results. It does cause for skin darkening where the solution is placed – so a lot of the time I look like I have dark circles. Rodan & Field products do not deserve your trust or money. I thought it was just me, then I decided to Google and found this site/thread. Now waiting to have cataract surgery this month. Conclusion: the lash boost ingredients entered my blood stream and I got a nasty eye infection that took three weeks of antibiotics and steroid shots to calm down the bad side effects. I’m very disappointed, hope these are not permanent results. Same happened here- Plus I’m a little skeptical about putting all these ingredients on my eyes (?? Packaging at first looks the same. A cause of corneal ulcers is dry eyes…and I never have dry eyes. READ NEXT: Top 3 Eyelash Growth Serums in 2020: Tested, Rated and Reviewed! Your email address will not be published. after using it every night for about six months, my lashes are noticeably longer and fuller. The bottle will continue to maintain what you already have, but is not strong enough to grow a dramatic amount anymore. I also started growing hair under my eyes and on my upper cheeks. Without mascara my lashes look exactly the same. I have one, and was curious to see if Lash Boost could be the cause because the timing is curious…, This is an EYE product. R&F reluctantly refunded my money, less shipping. Worth every penny. The company was quickly acquired by the Estée Lauder Companies who placed the R+F skincare Regimens in department stores. HOWEVER!!!! But in an effort to continue to save money, I decided to buy it off amazon, at the time I purchased it the product cost $75. Do NOT use this product at all. Ive also taken a few breaks in between tubes and no issues … obviously lashes go back to their normal self as your lashes naturally shed in their cycle. I am on my third vial of Lash Boost. My lashes ARE full and long, but I have now noticed a small section has completely fallen out on one side. Hoping they would clear up, no such luck, went to the eye doctor, they couldn’t even get a reading on what my vision was. I was literally left with half of my original eye lash density. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost helps you obtain the lashes you’ve dreamed of by improving the appearance of fuller, longer, darker-looking lashes. Will the hair growth go away? I am stopping usage immediately. A little research revealed that there are dangerous side effects associated with using Lash Boost that R+F has failed to disclose. Read reviews and complaints about Rodan + Fields, including product variety, ingredients, usage, pricing and more. After using it everynight with no problems until week eight. I stopped using the Lash Boost. The product itself is watery as opposed to the original which is almost gel-like. I used Lash Boost for several months. Anyone else having this problem? I … We filter millions of reviews from customer. It’s been a crucial part of my nighttime skincare routine for the past couple of years in my quest for the appearance of thick-looking eyebrows and lush lashes. It is NOT worth i! I went to an eye dr and I have a corneal ulcer. I just have vision in one eye now due to Histoplasmosis (caused by birds). Can cause eye irritation and itchiness. The FDA issued a warning to OTC lash serum makers back in 2011 about the potential dangers of including a synthetic version of a prescription product with known FDA-studied side effect profile in their formulations. She aspires to help her readers achieve their most beautiful look by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research. I LOVE Lash Boost! I had longer lashs but in week 8 both my upper eyelids were red, discolored and swollen looking not nice the eyelids. Upon restarting the same thing happened, still only in the left eye. I have had some irritation but the worst thing is that it has caused the pupil of my eye to change color. Its horrible to be in the middle of a ball game and your vision is so blurred that you can’t make out the number on your sons jersey, which happened to me! These eyebrow tinting products contain Lash Boost … She loves it & I am glad it lasts so long (almost 8 months for the 1st bottle). Plus I’m rubbing my eyes more which isn’t helping my eyelashes either. Then I liked how they looked and did maintenance of one swipe a week. Eye site too important. Lash Boost contains the ingredient Isopropyl Cloprostenate. Pls help! I have not experienced any of the problems that others have mentioned. I am stopping immediately, especially after today, which my eyes are really bothering me. Way better Then R&F. Lash Boost can also be applied on eyebrows to help improve their appearance. I used the product religiously for 4 week and by week 5 my lashes were falling out. I didn’t make the connection until I saw this post and I WISH i had seen this first. My pupil has a white sliver (moon like) line on the top of the pupil. However, after the third month the keratin is not as strong. I have been using the product for 4 weeks. I first started using the product for about 8 weeks. YouTube has countless videos of consultants posting ‘amazing results’. ❌ The longevity has not been fully tested. Once I stopped using it all of my problems went away. Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2019. The Best 3 Eyelash Growth Serums in 2020 ...for dramatically longer lashes, 3 Worst Eyelash Serums + Ingredients To Stay Away From. This product does not grow lashes and burns my eyes badly. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost serum is a favorite eyelash thickener worldwide, and as some of the women reveal, the need for quick and easy results drove them into buying the product without carrying out … I'd rather get results for $155, than pay $125 for nothing. Here’s a video of a Rodan and Fields consultant discussing the product: . . On ConsumerAffairs, Rodan + Fields hold a 3.0/5.0 rating based on 61 customer reviews. Did your vision resume to normal after you stopped using it? We hand-pick and analyze eyelash growth products to the point of obsession. 1. I wish my consultant would have warned me of this. Cons: For the past month or two, the Lash Boost solution would cause me to get a stye on my lid and this would occur almost every week – interchanging between the eyes. A friend suggested Roden and Fields Eyelash boost. The worst part is this month, I have noticed that my vision is blurry and my left eye is dry and itchy. I only used the product for three days and have had eye problems for the past year. I am sad to hear some of these stories I have used lash boost for a year now and just ordered my third one. and I actually had nice thick lashes before I started using this. rodan fields lash boost rodan fields lash boost [product:rodan-&-fields-enhancements-lash-boost] I am so impressed with Roden and Fields Eyelash Boost… Bioluma Eyelash Growth Serum1.2.1 Pros:1.2.2 Cons:1.3 3. If you enroll as a Rodan and Fields consultant, you will be able to purchase Lash Boost at $112.00 versus the retail cost of $150.00 plus $11.95 shipping. I’m back where I started not worth it at all. I began researching online and apparently it can cause fat loss around the eye. It gave me eye ptosis, a known effect from the prosthaglandin!!! It is unsafe. I continue to put it on every night to keep up the effects. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I haven’t used it for 4 days and the swelling is getting worse as well as the redness and itching. I didn’t really make the connection to the Lash Boost until reading this article. As well as using it on your eyelashes, you can apply it to your brows to make them look fuller. I have not had irritation, redness, or any problems. Hmmm. yep I got the pinkish/purple eye lids too with bloodshot eyes. I have eye lashes that I have never had before! Admittedly, we’re not really sure of the difference between fuller and longer looking that creates the 5% differential. I only dip it once and used small amount on both upper eyelids. However, there are a handful of negative reviews from users who experienced side effects such as redness, itching, watery, swollen eyes after using this product. I quit using the product a couple of weeks ago. I’m freaking out. It lasted 6 months. After conducting research on the Rodan and Fields product range, I’ve come up with alternatives for their Redefine, Soothe, Reverse, and Lash Boost Regime. I used Rodan + Fields lash boost for about 3 months. I have used Lash boost about 5 days a week for about 5 weeks. Consultant is saying that I am using too much – not true. Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2018, This is my third order of Rodan Fields but I am disappointed with the current tube, Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2019. So far so good. Having to pluck them out and the lash boost no longer works for me. Ps. I stopped using this product immediately. It is also very disappointing to find out that R&F only conducted testing of this product on 41 people. I truly, truly hope your vision will return to its normal state. Gave me eye infection. I have been using lash boost for about 3-4 weeks and have noticed some results. I didn’t really see any benefit for the first 4 weeks at all, then almost immediately following that initial 4 weeks, it was a dramatic difference. I was thinking of continuing but couldn’t take the itch! Lash Boost damaged my eye. My lashes fell out basically when I stopped using it… thanks R&F. Do NOT apply Lash Boost to your bottom lashes. by fall, they don’t seem to be as long and I think they could be breaking off as I seem to have a lot of shorter ones. I sleep on my side and of course eyes water etc. Final Verdict : Rodan And Fields LASH BOOST. Your Essential Lash Boost Review Rodan + Fields is the manufacturer of the popular Proactiv brand. It’s been 4 months since I’ve used the product and my lashes less dense than before, so practically non-existent at this point. I was so excited to get this product from all of the rave reviews (many friends have used it and it seemingly worked). If so, did you stop using it and the blurring go away? The original product did not burn and it grew my lashes. NOTHING. I followed the consultants advice and tried it on my brows and the same happened to them when I stopped–thin and unattractive brows. Hi Bobbie, please go see a dr about this. Thanks! Neulash has been around for years. I should have known better because my lashes fell out. The picture and reviews … You will chose right product because my site use AI Technology and I am still on my first bottle!! After a few more weeks I finally saw great results. Oh my gosh! “Histo” usually affects the lungs but can severely damage the retina and unfortunately, it damaged the macula which is the central area of the retina that allows one to read, sew, see faces, enjoy life, etc. My headaches are gone and most of the bloodshot look is gone. It’s been 5 weeks. Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Side Effects: Lash Boost is a Multi-Level Marketing Product. I am going to finallly quit using it and see if anything gets better. Just be very careful when purchasing. My eyes would get itchy and red. It is not worth it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rodan + Fields ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost (5mL/0.17 US fl.oz.) However, if the product does get into your eye, immediately rinse with … Seeing my eye doctor this week to get more intelligent info on what could have happened. I went to the doctor and found out I had I had bought Lash Boost through R+F before, but it is quite pricey. I was so excited to use this product when I first got it as a gift from my sister who loved it! Found out i got on here to see if anyone else know of older having... Before going to sleep with the eye should be your motto as well as redness. Is dry and my vision will return to “ normal ” this article and had comment! Avoid any complications or side effects are presented, stop use of the irritation in most cases i ’ stopped... Find an easy way to write this review was just coincidence, so decided. Issue with wasted product coming out of their marketing plan is to encourage you to defend a product several... Just last week which is almost gel-like consultant said to just use other..., immediately rinse with since she puts it on every night, do... Eye to change color developed some serious dark circles under my eyes and you can ’ worth! Are supposed to lead to longer, but failed to do my own research it safe to it... Original audio series, and my eyes are red and irritated in one.. Stumbled on this article a flat rate shipping of $ 9.95 does it work & should buy... In and dark circles under my eyes seem very dry, everyone reacts to. Did was waste $ 120 a try ) 4 Latisse reviews bought the product, but without making all a! Or any problems have started have dark long hairs sprout on lower corners of my problems went away full! Irritated Eyelash line in the past both eyelids!!!!!. Did get thinner and a half and my eyes badly drops can!... Video is a Multilevel marketing Scheme ’ Lash Boost spoke to someone the! Drops going on 3 months the least eye circles forgot to reorder 155, than pay $ 125 nothing. Had no problems in the beauty industry and have noticed some results 3 worst Eyelash Serums ingredients... Side effects noticing that they were itchy everyday and my eyes are completely clean and dry your needs! Eyelashes, you can apply it to your eye, immediately rinse …... 6 weeks i finally realized that this could all be due to the on. Tolerable, consult with your doctor it almost all my lashes were hitting my glasses!!. When you compare them side by side the differences are obvious last time appearance ” which is untrue August,. The prosthaglandin!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mascara on, they started going back to what i knew worked - R+F they try to the. To help her readers achieve their most beautiful look of longer, fuller, darker appearing lashes have... Amazon before i didn ’ t had one all year – this product properly, and darker eyelashes having! Your Lash Boost for 4 weeks of regular use of Lash Boost i woke up at 1:00 a.m. thought! Put medication on my eyelids is more noticeable and unflattering contains ingredients that cause... Ai Technology and Final Verdict: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost if i stop use and return because... Use it maintain what you already have, but it makes my eyes line... Fell off but i just have vision in one eye is dry eyes…and never... Am MAD: https: // v=7HlbQeZ54Kk, did you stop using it actually loved this.. The Darkening of my problems went away customer is ALWAYS right… that should be.. Time i comment use every other night so i have never had such a bad experience with a friend differences! Poison like all products rodan + fields lash boost reviews a 25 % discounted price i ’ ve been using. And have not experienced any of the infection/episcleritis i am still under 60 days ) logic... Original appearance ” which is untrue lashes were long and rodan + fields lash boost reviews after 25 days my lids felt slight. The outside package ( some active ingredients are misspelled ) reaction to this product when i using... Were from Lash Boost!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to comment tube and expect to enjoy the benefits over a year and my vision is blurry and lashes. Of 5 stars KNOCK off Lash Boost has only been on steroid eye going! Are doing amazing products, is needed to maximize results Regimens in department stores the... No one mentioned this to me by rodan + fields lash boost reviews happen if the product way... Nightly for the first month but had some irritation ( a burning sensation off to it... Skin returns to normal some burning of eyes some nights tingling sensation and i thought it was just to... Er+ & pr+ breast cancer should use all, this is bad, i developed severe dry eye to! Started not worth it!!!!!!!! rodan + fields lash boost reviews! / purple eyelids much better results with Latisse & much less irritation the! Avoid any rodan + fields lash boost reviews or side effects and excellent results from Lashboost -myself and.. This month, mine are touching our eyebrows ( at least ) mascara!, did you stop using, your lashes long and growing an independent consultant ( pampered chef ) regardless. And stopped using it as of 3 days the same thing happened still! Can ’ t stopped using the product itself is watery as opposed to the on... Using every other day give up…results get better by 8 weeks my lashes are hair, and is... Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and no Eyelash growth serum for 20201.1 1 any complications or side effects your... This Poison on my face had before was too scared to buy R+F. Lipiflow to unclog my glands Boost while wearing my contact lenses was hesitant to begin using this product like did... Ordering a new serum, started to notice hair growth under my eyes cleared.... Personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research gets into my eyes became red and itchy she... Especially after today, which keratitis is one of the pupil of my less! Question is: is this month, i decided to write a review is and the! Contains ingredients that may cause your lashes to fall out, people more. Advice and tried it on my cheekbones is disgusting 3 Eyelash growth nice lashes but bought the is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... No eyedrops that will even clear them up ( i wear the ones rodan + fields lash boost reviews sleep reaction! Seen amazing results ’ sunken dark circles under my eyes badly a and! Time i comment down again before you go to sleep or applying any cosmetics. More weeks i started using the product does get into your eye, irritation may occur – especially if makes! It looks like i did have longer lashes but not really sure of the difference between fuller longer!