Score! But more than just a new ice cream, McDonald's is also using KitKats in its frappés - priced at $5.50 (£3.07). Location - Nagoya, Japan. Comprised of Maccas unbeatable ice cream with crushed-up chunks of KitKat swirled throughout and a topping of that insanely rich hot chocolate fudge sauce. Calories - ~250kcal . Új McFlurry ® KITKAT ® Ruby a Mekiben! Tomorrow, Maccas will bring a chocolate classic to its menu with the KitKat McFlurry. The Golden Arches will be whacking that onto the menu until September. Have a little break! Kit Kat McFlurry, $3.10 When we were at the kiosk, nobody ordered the Kit Kat McFlurry except us. Energy kJ (18% RI* ) 360 kcal. Now, the fast-food establishment is releasing this highly beloved chocolate-and-biscuit pairing once again to delight its consumers. We feel highly contented that it is overwhelmingly accepted and recognized by our valued customers as a trustworthy brand. "There was no strong or bitter bitter matcha flavor here," wrote Palisoc. It previously cost S$3.10 each. The new McFlurry flavour will feature crushed Kit Kat pieces, and a hot fudge sauce topping. Price - 230JPY = ~$2.90USD. Time for dessert #kitkatmcflurry #macdonalds #dessert … I’m already envisioning myself drunkenly staining my bed linen with its godly dew. The brand Kit Kat is recognized as one of the leading brands in the FMCG industry today, and it symbolizes the trust of our customers. Macca’s® classic soft serve, swirled with crushed Kit Kat® and hot fudge topping. This striking take on our favorite frozen treat has given it lovely pops of pink and a fruity flair. 1515 kj. McDonald's Germany already has some McFlurry offerings that have people everywhere wanting to grab a spoon and dig in. McFlurry® KITKAT® Ruby. But luckily, it's recently made a comeback. The … But I AM looking forward to trying this new, delicious Kit-Kat … Ha egy nem mindennapi finomságra vágysz, kóstold meg a kivételes ízvilágú McFlurry® KITKAT® Rubyt! It features McDonald’s signature McFlurry dessert with rich chocolate swirls and Kit Kat biscuit balls in the mix. The Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry adds a pink fruity flair to the frozen treat, and it has just hit McDonald’s Germany. It melted so quickly… Inside the KIT KAT McFlurry was vanilla soft-serve “flurried” with chocolate sauce and KIT KAT Bites. McFlurry with Kit Kat, RegularMcDonald's MenuMcDonald's NutritionNutrition FactsServing Size:1mcflurryAmount Per ServingCalories 680% Daily Value*38%Total Fat Currently, they're being tested in Germany. The KitKat McFlurry — which’ll set ya back $5.40 — is nothing short of an architectural triumph. The two returning items are Curry Sauce Bottles and Spicy Chicken McNuggets, while the three new items are French Onion Shaker Fries, Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone, and Kit Kat McFlurry. The Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry adds a pink fruity flair to the frozen treat, and it has just hit McDonald’s Germany. Intézkedéseink Ajánlatok Házhozszállítás Sajtos McRoyal® Deluxe és Sajtos McRoyal® Bacon a Mekiben! French Onion Shaker Fries, top up $0.70 with every Extra Value Meal. The soft serve treat's retail price is listed at $5.40, however, customers who order the dessert via the MyMaccas app in the first two weeks will be able to snag the new flavour for just $2. If you're jealous, you're not alone. KIT KAT McFlurry. He formally introduces the new KitKat McFlurry as if it’s an exam paper, before calling out “Begin!”, which prompts the examinees to start eating the McFlurry that was handed to them. As you can probably guess from the image, the KitKat McFlurry combines soft serve vanilla ice cream with finely crushed KitKat bars for a wafery crunch, but also adds extra couverture chocolate bits and sauce. After the strawberry chocolate pie and the “tee-hee ha-ha” adult cream pie dessert, McDonald’s is rolling out a Kit Kat McFlurry, available until early March. The new KitKat McFlurry will retail for 290 yen (US$2.64) at McDonald’s outlets around the country for a limited time from 12 February until early March. These onion-scented potatoes are also brand new to the menu. The Kit Kat McFlurry has recently made its way back to McDonald’s stores in Singapore. It came in bright, red KIT KAT cup – part of the co-branding between McDonald’s and KIT KAT. McDonald’s have launched their new collaborations – the Kit Kat McFlurry and Kit Kat Frappe! McFlurry® Kit Kat® Vanilla soft serve with Kit-Kat® biscuits! KitKat McFlurry #kitkatmcflurry. And, apparently, this McFlurry did not disappoint. To round off the meal, we had the KIT KAT McFlurry, available from $3.10. Have a little break! View this post on Instagram. The new flavour has chunky pieces of KitKat chocolate swirled into the … A post shared by Kit Kat (@kitkat_us) on Apr 22, 2020 at 4:29pm PDT Until then, I guess I’ll have to stay content with my M&M McFlurry. Food blogger Cla Palisoc described the Green Tea Kit Kat McFlurry in 2016 on her Food Fanatic blog, saying it was a mixture of McDonald's signature soft-serve mixed with tiny pieces of green tea Kit Kat. Vanilla soft serve with Kit-Kat® biscuits!