best. Junabeez Whippets Advances in scientific research question habitual practices including dewclaw removal.... Whippets are born with dewclaws, thumb-like digits on their front legs. My pups are vaccinated to age requirement, regularly wormed and begun on heartworm preventative asap. Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. What’s the difference between greyhound and whippet? Give Gift; Back to Top; Post … I have a nearly 7 year old whippet called Jet who in the last six months started losing the odd nail when out on walks/runs. E l eganckie. They have had their dew claws removed, will be regularly wormed and of course will be microchipped. And while we have had numerous breeds over the years, she was the most outstanding companion. A dew claw injury is even more prevalent in dogs because unlike other nails; they do not weaken or wear down.Dogs do not use claws (or dewclaws) when they walk. It is often recommended to brush your dog's teeth to prevent tartar build up but frankly, I find bone chewing more effective in cleaning my whippets' teeth. Most veterinarians will say that such injuries actually are not very common at all. To avoid any bad experience with a slippery bath tub, add a rubber mat for sure footing. Although the bleeding may look worrying and it is certainly painful for the dog, this injury it is not dangerous and is self healing. D ystyngowane. 'feet' in the USA Standard stating. Earned 10 titles,multiple ribbons,awards.Featured in many local papers,loves. … If you require dew claw coverage, please see our dew claw protectors under Boots and Paw Protection. View the AWC Breeder Directory. 3. If the dog then needs to turn to the right, the dewclaw digs into the ground to support the lower leg and prevent torque. Previous Thread; Next Thread ; Please make a selection first; New « Prev; 1; Next » Lexy Added to favourites. They just trimmed the sharp remnant of claw off and check his other few claw… After a few times of this happening we came back with a pulled out nail and lots of blood. mcally. We also trained, Hefner who is now 10 is a Racer,Courser,Show and Models in Toronto Art School. whippets, The only dewclaw reference in a Whippet Breed Standard is under Imgur Dew Claw. I removed dewclaws in the past but am now persuaded against doing so, as a justifiable consideration of the animal and preferable in respect of educated opinions. Possible injury to or by a dewclaw;  Possible neglect to trim dewclaw nails;  Fashion; Tradition;  Peer pressure;  Lower cost if removed before a few days old. Here is a picture of a whippet foot in good shape and with a good nail length. Subscribe in the box below  and get the installments of my flash course  directly in your mailbox for free. WHEN YOU become a parent, you find yourself doing things you once thought impossible: sucking snot out of a baby’s congested nose ranks high on that list. In this galloping dog, the dewclaw is in, touch with the ground. Our previous beloved whippet has passed. Please enter the word that you see below. Mar 29, 2008 13:49:23 GMT -5 . It is the only nail found in the animal's ankle region or above the front of their feet. Answer Save. Typically, we would come back from a run in the field and he would have a bloody dew claw. They will all leave with a puppy pack and a contract. If no other problems are found by your vet, washing with a gentle shampoo for oily skin is often the solution to this merely aesthetic problem. Figure 2. ok we have called vets all over our area and no one will do it for us even though the pups are race and hunting bred what i want to ask is how do you personally do it and what "technique" do you use, we have done 8 pups so far and had one grow … … Make sure to keep among your dog grooming supplies an appropriate shampoo, the pH of dog and human skin is different and they require different products. More. i know im gonna hear an out rage at this but our dogs will be racing and some hunting. The Rose has come back and the green and the blue. located at Junabee near Warwick Southern Darling Downs Qld. Includes full puppy health guarantee. 1 decade ago. Find out which one is the right breed for you. support the lower leg and prevent torque. Thanks. To see clearance stock, please enter the word stopper in the search box at top of the page. In my opinion, it is far better to deal with an injury than to cut the dew claws off of all dogs "just in case." And your e-mail address is always safe with us, don't worry! All puppies will be microchipped & K/C Reg.before they leave. I work exclusively with canine athletes, developing rehabilitation programs for injured dogs or dogs that required surgery as a result of performance-related injuries. ok we have called vets all over our area and no one will do it for us even though the pups are race and hunting bred what i want to ask is how do you personally do it and what "technique" do you use, we have done 8 pups so far and had one grow … Of course, at the other end of a tendon is a muscle, and that means that if you cut off the dew claws, there are 5 muscle bundles that will become atrophied from disuse. The removal of dew claws varied by breeder. Find out how to groom a whippet, take care of the nails and deal with the most common dog skin problems. Relevance. It may be advisable to see a vet about having them removed. Wrap the Velcro straps securely above and below the wrist of the front leg of your dog with the padding … All reputable breeders will have the dew claws removed from the front legs of the puppies prior to purchase. It shortens the nails safely and effectively. Aiding traction also are the dew claws; these are what you could call thumbs in human terms. dew claws can be a problem in lurchers (so assume this applies to whippets and greys) as my 'lurch' has problems (he is 13) with an ingrowing dewclaw on his front leg which needed vet treatment as it curled round and grew into the leg. Webbed feet: Dogs … Help your whippet become a perfect companion. Whippet Girls. If you look at an anatomy book (Miller's Guide to the Anatomy of Dogs is an excellent one – (see Figure 1 on right) you will see that there are 5 tendons attached to the dewclaw. save. These listings are provided only for the convenience of our visitors and are not paid ads. The dew claws (the fifth digit on the front legs) if left untrimmed can get caught easily while the dog is running. Dewclaws on whippets are often amputated in countries other than Europe. If by accident you get too close and happen to cut the quick, some bleeding may occur and it can be stopped with styptic powder. This is a veterinary procedure and needs to be carried out before the puppy is four days old. Especially on dark dogs, dandruff may appear. Hafiz (1320 - 1389) This site was designed with the .com . As a breeder,  I strive to adhere to best practice. Dewclaws are unnecessary toes on the backs of dogs’ legs. They are not directly equivalent to the human structures, of course, but they are similar. The Whippet puppies have their front dew claws removed, the vets advise this because whippets are prone to catching & tearing them if not. Health & Vaccines: All necessary vaccinations up until puppy is adopted and dew claws have been removed. Have you just got one? Zayka & Smoku. It took about three weeks from the … In the picture is indicated in red. hide. Long nails can cause the foot to spread out, with discomfort for your pet and eventually lameness. With the free e-zine you'll get a house training flash course plus a handy infographic. Whippets with dewclaws are shown successfully in Australia and overseas in conformation and performance. The dew claws (the fifth digit on the front legs) if left untrimmed can get caught easily while the dog is running. To be on the safe side, cut just the top of the nail, not right across it. It has a scabbed surfacesoI think it's a granuloma. a breed standard requirement for i know im gonna hear an out rage at this but our dogs will be racing and some hunting. The does not endorse any  dog breeder, including those listed on this site. Here is a picture of a whippet foot in good shape and with a good nail length. It is called stud tail although it may appear also in females and castrated males. Perhaps you are thinking, "None of my dogs have ever had carpal pain or arthritis." ( Ready to leave for there forever homes on 21-3-21) Safety … we recently purchased a whippet puppy,she was 7 weeks old when we brought her,she is now 12 weeks ans she does not have any dewclaws we were wondering why?if anyone could shed some light would be great,thankyou for your time cheers. They also ensure that the wound is properly cleaned and bandaged. Great Pyrenees have double dew claws on the hind legs..Can't be shown without them..G.P's use them to help de-gut their enemy! Some breeders will take this opportunity to have a health check carried out on the complete litter at this time and if this was done the results should be made available to you. level 1. If it's not possible to see a vet immediately, dog owners can provide basic first aid for the damaged nail. Whippets need no clippings and baths are an easy routine thanks to their short, wash and wear coats. Dew claws were removed on all puppies. That … You'll receive them every 3 days to let the information sink in and allow you to get it all organized and ready for your new puppy. A little manicure is essential to groom a whippet. Are you planning to get a whippet puppy? I offer a lifetime of help & support throughout your dogs life. Looking at a dog’s front foot, the toes that are in contact with the ground while standing correspond to our pinky, ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. To keep the skin supple and avoid inflammation, I apply a moisturizer for blemished skin with good results. and everything is a new as a Dew - New nightingale, new rose. This invaluable course is concise but covers all the basics of getting ready for a puppy. But when I palpate the carpal joints of older dogs without dewclaws, I frequently can elicit pain with relatively minimal manipulation. Its important to rinse carefully to avoid dandruff and itchiness. Consultation with senior kennel club members, vets and colleagues, found unanimous authoritative advice was. The whippet silky coat is a pleasure to the touch and has the added bonus of a very easy maintenance. D istinguished. Quote. My whippet has got a small lump, just off the site of scar. Whippet Boys. Posts: 129 HELP! -Also UKC registration of whippet(s)-All UKC/AKC show/performance certificates.-A FL Health Certificate provided (one for their puppy(ies)-(Required by FL law).-AKC Registration form for their puppy All puppies have their dew claw removed, and would have started a de-worming regimen at 4 weeks of age and then 6, and 8 weeks and until they leave our home between 9-11 weeks of … To groom a whippet is easy, a weekly brushing with a rubber glove and a bath when needed, is all it, To avoid any bad experience with a slippery bath tub, add a, Dog Nail Grinder - A Gentle and Safe Alternative. Nip off just a little bit of nail and reward good behavior with praise and a treat. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Your dog will be more relaxed and easy to handle. And if they do occur, then they are dealt with like any other injury. The dewclaws are found in the same place you'd find the thumb on a hand. Enjoy whippet stories and hound watercolors in an easy to read format. When Weimaraner puppies are docked, their dew claws are also conventionally removed. I have seen many dogs now, especially field trial/hunt test and agility dogs, that have had chronic carpal arthritis, frequently so severe that they have to be retired or at least carefully managed for the rest of their careers. Hi Everyone My lovely Whippet bitch, Lottie, is due to have her puppies. It is safer to trim a little often than letting the nails grow until they cause trouble. They are found higher up than the other toes and don’t touch the ground when your dog is walking. Caring for … Some people … The short coat of this breed will keep the house free of dirt and loose hairs. All of the individuals listed in this directory are current members in good standing of the American Whippet Club, Inc., therefore signifying their agreement to adhere to and uphold the AWC Code of Ethics, and have paid a modest fee for an … As for your OP, I believe the NGA (racing organization) spent a lot of effort in cleaning up their image. These may be removed even if a puppy is not docked (since there is no legislation around dew-clawing, unlike docking). As unashamedly biased whippet fans, we find that, on top many other charms, this breed offers the advantage of shedding very little. It may look worrying but my vet said is harmless and it doesn’t cause any discomfort to the dog. Whippet puppies - Dilemma regarding dew claws New Topic Topic Locked Printer Friendly: Next Page: Author: Topic : Page: of 2: Tweet. dew claw removeal on whippet pups? dew claw removeal on whippet pups? W hippets. Favourite answer. First wet the skin and then work a lather. To get your whippet used to his weekly manicure, begin when he is still a puppy. If the dog doesn't have a dewclaw, the leg twists. If you purchased a puppy from a reputable breeder, dewclaw removal may have been done when the dog was three to five days old. Do you have a whippety question? JESSIEMAE Gold Member. To make nail trimming real easy and safe use a dog nail grinder. Lv 7. Some dogs only have dew claws on their front legs, some on all four legs – … While you groom a whippet also check the ears for signs of inflammation, foul smell or discharge. E legant. His dew claw is very swollen and the nail has grown out. Of the over 30 dogs I have seen with carpal arthritis, only one has had dewclaws. As a hunting dog whippets have strong teeth which will need cleaning if they are to remain healthy. Juliet Whippet's Blog on pregnancy, motherhood and the kids. Remember: the dog is doing the activity regardless, and the pressures on the leg have to go somewhere. A lifetime of that and the result can be carpal arthritis, or perhaps injuries to other joints, such as the elbow, shoulder and toes. We took him to the vet but there wasn’t much they could do. KennelMom (Heather) may chime in with some more info. N ightingale, have you heard the news! Be aware that any dog that does have dew claws' may get them caught whilst running and they will rip causing major bleeding. Start on the right foot with these tips! declines any responsibility for transactions between seller and buyer. Dew claws are like an extra toe that is further up the foot — it can get caught on things since whippets are … I just got Chelsa's PAL/ILP from AKC. England 872 Posts. Each time the foot lands on the ground, particularly when the dog is cantering or galloping (see Figure 2 on right), the dewclaw is in touch with the ground. 7 Answers. Puppy Care Guides . If the dog then needs to turn, to the right, the dewclaw digs into the ground to. If the dog then needs to turn, the dewclaw digs into the ground to support the lower leg and prevent torque.