DVDs can also have interactive menus and bonus features such as deleted scenes and commentaries. 6. They can't be erased and used over again. The good news for those of you who still want to play DVDs in their PC is there’s a much better free option available for PCs. Direct-to-Fan DVD Gross: $96,025. They’re expensive because the rights are expensive. However, these discs can only record once. This thread is locked. Authoring and pre-mastering costs are proportionately the most expensive part of DVD. 2. From the filmmakers: The hybrid method of release was key for us making a profit in the long run, and we had to do much less work to get those DVD and VOD sales through existing platforms. How much do you have to like a movie to buy it on DVD? A lot of processing power is required -- even some computers with DVD players can't keep up with the processing required to play a DVD movie. I have been collecting Disney DVDs for a few months, planning to sell them around xmas, BUT it looks like I might have to sell them sooner. But does the downward trend in sales and rentals mean DVDs are becoming obsolete? Also, how much do … The audio that your DVD player provides is important to your DVD-watching experience, as well as your music choices — because most DVD players will play CDs. To trade in DVDs, just enter the barcodes on your DVDs into our valuation engine for an instant price then send them for FREE. DVDs can spin at much higher speeds than CDs – DVDs can spin at up to 32000 RPM vs 23000 for CDs. Can anyone tell me how much dvd's are to buy in Hawaii to watch at night sometimes. Some of the Walt Disney Treasures collection are being sold for hundreds with sellers asking for anything up to £300. Still, the number is a valid way to approximate how much data the DVD will hold when you're deciding which to purchase. Do you own any double packs/ 2 movies in one packs? DVD-5: Holds 4.7GB; single-sided, single-layer; supported by the DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW formats; DVD-9: Holds 8.5GB; single-sided double-layer; supported by the DVD+R and DVD-R formats; officially known as DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL; DVD-10: Holds 8.75GB; … Alright, I know I’m not alone on this one so here we go. Note that DVD-18 is not supported by DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W. DVD console households in the United Kingdom (UK) 2007-2013 Retail video: genre distribution in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012, by disc type DVD sales revenue in the U.S. in 2019 are employed. These remastered DVDs are often reissued on high-definition discs with the director's originally intended aspect ratio (wide-screen, for example, instead of the 4:3 ratio favored by conventional TV screens) and with extras like behind-the-scenes documentaries and filmmaker interviews. DVD players are very cheap when bought separately, so adding one to a TV won't increase the cost much either. DVDs are an easy way to build your own movie collection at home. How Much Are Those Dusty DVDs On Your Shelf Really Worth? VideoLAN VLC for the win. Do you own all of your favourite (all time) movies on DVD? Putting your DVD inside a plastic or paper sleeve will protect it from getting scratched during shipping and keep it protected after it arrives. That said, most used DVDs are worth Before choosing the right DVD player for you, give careful consideration to the audio options they can provide. DVD players are connected to a television to watch the DVD content, which could be a movie, a recorded TV show, or other content. I think I've seen them for like 2-3 bucks each but I'm not certain. 5. Decluttr even pays for postage. This app requires a DVD-capable optical drive. Although it may be hard to believe in 2016, there is still money to be made off CDs and DVDs. How to sell CDs and DVDs for cash. I was wondering how much are previously used dvds at pawn x-change? I have 43 total, all brand new and sealed, and none are bootlegs or junk. Save money. Oct 6, 2004 12:33:39 PM. We’ll pay you by PayPal or direct deposit into your account to spend however you like. Once again, remastering is an excellent way to breathe new life into an old product. There are many ways to sell used DVDs – online and offline – and today I’ll help you find the one that works best for you. Here’s everything you need to know. Some DVD players will also play audio CDs. How much does the Microsoft DVD app player cost? Since they are generally small - it's rare to find one with a screen larger than 32 inches - you shouldn't need to pay much for TV DVD combi. Like CDs, DVDs are read with a laser. The most expensive kind of DVD case is a clear plastic jewel case. If you had to give away 5 of your DVDs, which ones would they be? Are you willing to pay an extra $10 or so for a DVD if it was stacked with great … VLC running on Windows 10. I thought if they were £2 each I would get about £1100/£1200. DVD video production costs are not much higher than for VHS and similar video formats unless the extra features of such as multiple sound tracks, camera angles, seamless branching, etc. Who knew that some older music & concert DVDs would be collectable? Try $105.61! In most cases, top dollar for an individual DVD is around $100. Watch both commercial and homemade discs in the DVD-Video format. Released by Criterion in 1998, the DVD was only available a short time before licensing conflicts intervened and the edition was pulled. However, DVD box sets and promotional packaging can command even more. However, in practice, discs should never be spun at their highest possible speed, to allow for a safety margin and for slight differences between discs, and … According to Fast Company, the company has raked in several million dollars, and it’s done so with a simple promise: to buy any old CD, DVD, or video game you send in. DVD-RW/+RW discs are re-writable, which can be erased and used again but aren't always compatible with a specific DVD player. DVD-R discs are the most compatible, followed by DVD+R discs. 4. Windows DVD Player for Windows 10 makes it easy to watch your favorite DVDs. These generally run anywhere from 20 to 50 cents each online and a little higher in the office supply section of your local retail outlet. How Much Do You Guys Spend On Dvds????? Even Redbox, which rents DVDs for a dollar a day at 40,000 self-service kiosks throughout the United States, plans to close 500 of its kiosks after a year of flat sales [source: Welch]. DVD-18: DVD-18 is two-sided discs that holds DVD-9 disc on both sides of it. Thanks, Karen If all of this sounds complicated, then you are starting to get a feeling for how much work your DVD player does to decode an MPEG-2 movie. Answer 1 of 7: We will be in Honolulu for 5 days before embarking on two cruises, one around the islands and then one home to Sydney, Aust. Note: This app does not play Blu-ray discs. Live better. Decluttr is the easy way to sell DVDs online and make some much needed space in your home! How to Sell Used DVDs . You can get a 100 pack of blank DVDs for $25. asianxcore: 05-31-04 08:44 … Posted on April 30, 2010 by Joe. A few years ago for some reason that I don’t fully understand, I started building a ridiculously large (and expensive) DVD collection. 3. This double sided dual layer DVD can contain up to 17 GB or 15.9 computer GB and the same as DVD-9, widely used by some commercial video DVDs. and do yall think buying dvds is a waste of money? Warehouse worker Joe Kadomrezz , 30, made £3,858.16 from selling old CDs, DVDs and games to pay off his bills - and he even made enough to go on holiday with his best mate. See the next page for more information and useful links. Tips about DVD burning, DVD copying and DVD ripping 1. A DVD player is a device that plays DVDs produced under both the DVD-Video DVD-ROM and DVD-Audio technical standards, two different and incompatible standards. DVDs are often used to store movies at better quality than a VHS. But those same rights are sold off much more cheaply in the form of the Netflix bundle. The disc can have one or two sides, and one or two layers of data per side; the number of sides and layers determines how much it can hold. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. How much are my Disney DVD's worth? How much should I spend on a TV DVD combi? Educational DVD gross: $38,000. The demand results in eBay sellers asking for high amounts for classics and the DVD you paid a mere £10-15 can reach up to £300. Funnily enough, I was sitting waiting for a film to start Sunday evening and got to thinking how many DVDs I had, and how much they were worth(not how much they cost me). Find out. do you buy them from pawn shops get them on line retail from those stupid ads where it says get 5 dvds for 99cents anyways i get my dvds for between 5 to 10 dollars a pop no more than that the only thing i bought retail were by 5 season of buffy the vampire slayer. As I am trying to build up my BD collection I have a lot of douplicates. Shop for blank DVD disks, DVD-RW disks, CD-R disks, spindle disks, DVD recordable discs and LightScribe DVD disks for less at Walmart.com. Take Decluttr. Are there any movies where you own 2 copies of it on DVD? So, how do you go about selling your used DVDs, how much could you make – and what are the sites that’ll give you the highest profit?