I need a abs actuator replaced at an estimated cost of $2,500. We do not recommend driving with this light on at all. Total cost was less than $100.00. That’s infinitely more dangerous. 02 Nissan Maxima Brake and battery light on Alternator fine, low voltage reading, help! Had my car put on a diagnostics machine to find out why my abs, slip, engine & brake light was on. I didn't even know and when I had a service at NRMA they told me the whole unit needs replacing about $300. When this lock up would happen, the car "pulled" violently to the right and I would lose control of the car. I have an 02 Nissan Maxima 3.5 liter. My Nissan Maxima's 3rd brake light (Inside rear window) is not working. See Thanks, Eugene The brakes will suddenly pulsate when engaged. statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Maxima, Brake Antilock Wheel Speed Sensor problems, Brake Antilock Control Unit/module problems. My vehicle is making grinding sounds and triggers the abs braking system to malfunction. On sat. Order Nissan/Datsun Maxima Brake Light Mini Bulb online today. Good luck diagnosing the issue. &2,858. . Engines revs high & surges while taking 1/4 mile to reach 40mph. Also please check out the If the brake fluid is leaking out over the brake pads and shoes, it means poor brake performance. all problems of the 2016 Nissan Maxima . Your brake system is divided into two circuits. See Sudden and shocking loss of vehicle control. Police report was filed. Now I am going to have to replace another sensor in the lr and replace the module again. If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below. You’ll feel a loss of pressure that manifests itself in the form of a “mushy” brake pedal. As the driver of the car, you are out of control and risking your life, property,and the safety of other motorists. I plan to trade the car in when I get back from overseas but beforehand I need to get a pink slip and renew the registration as it expires while overseas. Since you’ve already checked the emergency brake handle, now it’s time to check the master cylinder and see if the brake fluid is low or not. Brake Light Switch. Anything else that can cause the problem? Updated ivoq 03/20/12. The contact owns a 2007 Nissan Maxima. I have spent over $2000 on the abs system and it is still not corrected. Awesome company highly recommend. For some people this has gone on too long with Nissan not wanting to help out. Approximately three months later, the failure began to recur and the vehicle was taken back to an authorized dealer where the contact was advised to replace the anti lock braking system due to excessive rust and corrosion. NISSAN dealer for this service. If you mess up fixing your engine, the vehicle does not move. Video of the fire was captured on my ring doorbell. Luckily this occurred during mid day, as this could have caused a serious accident during rush hour as the ramp would have had backed up traffic on it. The vehicle "threw" a code indicating the yaw/g force sensor had failed. The first time a violent pull to the right with loss of control causing me to go onto the shoulder of the road. Now if the emergency brake didn’t fix the situation, it’s time to look into what is causing your Maxima’s brake warning light to stay on. Genuine Nissan Part - 25320-4M405 (253204M405) 2016 Maxima Tail Lights: Open Trunk Lid: Rear Corner of Trunk: This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the eighth generation (2016, 2017, 2018 and probably also the 2019 and 2020 model years) Nissan Maxima sports sedan in changing a burnt out brake, rear turn signal or reverse bulb in the tail light housings. See Was told it was fine. The VIN was available. I have quite a few friends who have Maxima's also and have the same problem with their cars. There is a sensor with a button on it. Please help! I got in touch with Nissan consumer affairs and they did some research, but came back with the would not help with any repairs. It also would run, - Nissan 2004 Maxima question During the failure, the anti lock brake light illuminated. A recall should be done before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. Now every time that I break the car shuts off is able to start on again but about every time I break it shut off again is very dangerous and someone could get hurt. 00 dollars already spent for a total of $3100. The brake warning light indicates that your Maxima has detected that one of its major brake components has failed, typically detected through a loss of pressure. I took it to autozone they did diagnostic test and I got code p0011 the same one I paid to be repaired previously. 65 to repair. On my 2000 alty when the alternator went the car just died so I wasnt sure if it was the alternator on my 05 since I expected the car to just die if it was the alternator. . 00 dollars). If it’s engaged, the brake light will stay lit. How to remove and replace a Brake Light Switch on a 2004 Nissan Sentra. Thanks Nissan. The fuses seem fine. The brake pedal began to pump and the vehicle exhibited an increased stopping distance. I did and they found it to be a known issue at Nissan. If you are reading this article trying to figure out whether you should drive your vehicle, check the emergency brake first. Abs light came on with the brake light then vibrating noise started. The vehicle has no power between 20-45 mph. ... Nissan Maxima tail light replacement parts on CarParts.com would cost you from $30 to $390. In most vehicles this switch is located in the master cylinder. These circuits cut the brake system in two. While driving the forward emergency brake light comes on. Check to see that both of them are lighting up. My brake light and battery light come on at the same time. I was told this is happening because: due to corrosion entering the rear tires. was - $54.95 | 27% OFF. My 2001 Nissan Maxima 6CYL, battery light and brake light came on my dash all of a sudden, I went and had the battery tested, battery was bad, replaced it, but the lights are still on, what other prob … read more Brake light doesn’t work. 8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification, TH400 Transmission Specs, ID, and Common Problems. First check your brake fluid. The second time, both front brakes engaged and the car almost came to a complete stop and the car behind me missed rear ending me by 5-6 feet. I own the car for 10 months and the warranty expired so now im stuck paying for 3000 dollars to get it fixed when in still making payment on the car and can't even afford it. The contact stated while driving approximately 20 mph, she applied pressure to the brake pedal and the anti lock brakes engaged. See During the failure, the anti lock brake light illuminated. If the pedal feels fine the most likely your brake fluid is low. Prior to this being discovered by a code on the car's computer, I complained to the dealer that on dry roads, on straight always and curves at speeds between 25 and 45, the passenger front brake would engage without warning and the car would pull violently to the right. Over the course of several months, the "slip" indicator light on my dashboard would blink as the right front wheel locked up and I would hear a grinding noise. If you mess up fixing the brakes, it doesn’t stop. See Replacement Brake Light Switch - Direct Fit, Sold individually. 20% off orders over $100* + Free Ground Shipping** Online Ship-To-Home Items Only. If your Nissan Maxima’s brake warning light is on, and you’ve checked the emergency brake, you’ll need to look for a leak in the lines, calipers, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, etc. 2001 Nissan Maxima Brake Light Switch Customer Reviews. Turned off car. Nissan Micra Brake Warning Light: Why is it on? There is no warning when these events happen. Dealer investigated and could not duplicate the experiences. Each bulb sold separately. The brakes lights do not come on.