Toy Story 3 made me bawl like a baby. It's nice to have the same actor voice both versions for consistency and for an experience that's essentially the same, and Bernal succeeds in that with voicing Héctor in both English and Spanish. After having her child, Imelda wanted to settle roots and start a family. Most of the characters in Coco are voiced by different actors in the Spanish and English dub versions of the movie, which is pretty typical, but Gael García Bernal voices Héctor in both versions. The Rivera Family (Coco 2017) (123) Papá Julio (Coco 2017) (114) Include Relationships Héctor Rivera/Imelda Rivera (532) Héctor Rivera & Miguel Rivera (84) Ernesto De La Cruz/Héctor Rivera (81) Ernesto De La Cruz & Héctor Rivera (77) Héctor Rivera & Imelda Rivera (38) Mamá Coco/Papá Julio (Coco 2017) (34) 360 Favourites. Héctor is the deuteragonist from Pixar's Academy Award winning film,Coco.He was a musician in life who died and became a resident of the Land of the Dead. Character Drawing. There was a stir at the Santa Cecilia upon their arrival. Art. Mamma Imelda and Hector are her parents. ... 1 Héctor Didn't Have His Gold Tooth While Alive. The long answer is: Notice how all the remembered characters have much cleaner, softer bones and normal movements. Son grand-père George Moriarty a été joueur de troisième but, arbitre et gérant de la ligue majeure de baseball pendant près de 40 ans. Héctor has obviously been disowned by Imelda's side of the family to the point that they have forbidden any type of music in their household, but Héctor has also been disowned by the rest of Imelda's side of the family who is in the Land of the Dead already. The rest of the family, Oscar, Felipe, Coco, Julio, Rosita, and Victoria, were ready then as well. The Riveras are a family of shoemakers and musicians who originate from Santa Cecilia. Coco (2017) The Plot: A little boy named Miguel has guitar skills in his bones, but his family forbids him from any kind of music. When Imelda passed away and traveled to the Land of the Dead, Héctor was ready to try to explain everything to her and make amends, but Imelda was not interested in hearing his explanations. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. If you're like the millions of others who watched the Pixar movie "Coco," you probably cried your eyes out. She is a warm-hearted, supportive, and kind grandmother. As a child, her father Héctor would play and write her several songs. Hector was a passionate musician from his birthplace of Santa Cecilia, Mexico. Jan 26, 2018 - Resultado de imagem para hector coco alive. When Miguel gets lost in the Land of the Dead, Héctor acts as his main guide in his quest to find the famed singer Ernesto de la Cruz and return to … Character Drawing. Even Dante the dog! Coco, Hector and Imelda. She's still alive." First Notes, First Impressions. ;-;Héctor has been through too much hdsgfxhlhlvCOCO BELONGS TO DISNEY PIXAR Saved from Héctor attempts to cross the bridge, disguised as Frida Khalo. WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people and becomes the first Conscientious Objector in American history to win the Congressional Meda To mend this generations-old taboo, he … During his life, he met a woman named Imelda, and their shared talent in music sparked a romance. Marlene was a member of East Palmyra Christian Reformed Church and an Auxiliary Member of the East Palmyra Fire Department. Non-alien Creatures Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Coco had hilarious and sad moments throughout as Miguel meets Héctor who agrees to help him. Héctor is a main character in the movie and his interesting backstory is slowly revealed throughout, but here are some of the details viewers might have missed. Explore. [2] Il est le fils d'Elinor (née Paul) et de George Moriarty, [3] chirurgien. He is also the great-great grandfather of the film's protagonist, Miguel Rivera. But also learned some amazing life lessons along with Miguel, Hector and the rest of the family. Héctor sings "Everyone Knows Juanita" Héctor belts out his best grito. Even Dante the dog! Beginning the family business, Imelda taught her daughter how to make shoes and eventually her son-in-law, Julio. Miguel in Coco. Start studying Coco movie and Day of the Dead questions. Hector? Héctor disguises Miguel as a skeleton. Michael Moriarty est né à Detroit, Michigan le 5 avril 1941. Hector is one of the main protagonists of the 2017 Pixar film, Coco. Explore. They all left together for the bridge and gates. Héctor died sometime close to 1921 and Miguel crossed over to the Land of the Dead in 2017 meaning that Hector had been dead for almost 100 years when he met his great-great-grandson, Miguel.