The Donut King is a celebration of immigrants and the hard, overlooked work they do to feed and care for their fellow Americans — while making life much sweeter. JOIN NOW SIGN IN. “The Donut King” glides past certain details of Ngoy’s downfall, ... Netflix documentary takes aim at Facebook, Google, Twitter and other purveyors of social media and search engines. Directed by Angela Ottinger. Netflix Netflix. 3. The Donut King tells the story of Ted Ngoy, a Cambodian refugee who arrived in Los Angeles in 1975 and changed everything we know about America’s favorite pastry, the donut… Review: A Shakespearean SoCal tragedy, 'The Donut King' charts the rise and fall of Ted Ngoy. (Fun fact: Ted Ngoy was known as “The Donut King” years before Joe Exotic was known as “The Tiger King.”) Heavy Metal / Bread's Hairstyling Class 2 12m. Nov. 24: Hillbilly Elegy (on Netflix) Nov. 25: The Christmas Chronicles 2 (on Netflix… 29. This article originally appeared here on Bread Barbershop. The Donut King Greenwich Entertainment. ... Munchkin Donut / Bread's Hairstyling Class 1 12m. ... while Netflix dominated Wednesday’s announcement thanks to … But there is more to the story of subject Ted Ngoy than just fried, sugary confections. Brad Wheeler. 28. The Donut King. The Chess King 12m. Sushi Tourists 10m. Netflix has the new holiday movies Operation Christmas Drop and A New York Christmas Wedding, while the space saga Proxima features Eva Green struggling with astronaut duties. The Donut King, which was honored ... Netflix got the jump on it and acquired the world rights before it was even seen by an audience. 30. The Donut King. Yes, there are dozens upon dozens of donuts in Alice Gu's enlightening documentary, "The Donut King." 4. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. Bread's Date / Meet Tiramisu Again 12m. There's only one solution: The Belshaw Donut Robot. Published November 19, 2020 Updated November 19, 2020 . With Anthony Hodges, Carol Harp, Janelle Davis, Tanika Hardin. Barbershop Pup 10m. Petersville needs to become a tourist destination, and his shop could be a big part of it, if Tris can keep up with demand. The Donut King, a sweet documentary that doesn’t tell the hole truth . If Tris can win "Can You Cut It," the cutthroat competitive kids' cooking show, he can get the cash to buy the machine.